Will Smith is supposed to be in the rushing to star in the following version of I Am Legend as a source says there is “no sign that Will is off the procecr.

Will Smith is allegedly prepared to make his big screen return following terrible scenes at the Oscars where he slapped entertainer Chris Rock.

The episode landed him in steaming hot water with the head honchos at the Academy Awards and presently faces a 10-year restriction from the honors.

Nonetheless, while he may not be wanted at the esteemed occasion, it’s idea he will be invited by to the big screen and he’s supposed to make a return with I Am Legend 2.

The continuation of Will’s famous first film is fit to be created by Westbrook Studios and will see hims repeat his job as researcher Robert Neville as he keeps on looking for a solution for zombies in the dystopian world.

As indicated by a source, the content hasn’t been closed down at this point, yet the idea includes the Fresh Prince of Bel Air star’s personality.
The source told The US Sun : “The content is being composed referencing his personality and at this point, Will stays connected to the task.

“The idea is still to be closed down by Warner Brothers, yet there has been no sign that Will is off the venture.”

They kept on saying that Will’s organization is responsible for the improvement as it proceeds and said: “actually will get back into the game sooner or later and it will be basically down to which studio will be the one to take a risk on him.”
The insider added: “”The negative opinions from the general population about his vocation have surely diminished lately as the world has continued on because of stories like the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard preliminary.”

They likewise guaranteed that Will has been removing time from the spotlight as he searched out help from a specialist prior to saying Hollywood loves rebound stories.

One more of Will’s films, Bad Boys, is set for another portion with the star not precluded from another appearance.

Will was probably Hollywood’s most sweltering property before his eruption.

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