It helps to bring a few items you love from home when you are halfway around the globe competing in the Olympics. Tamyra Mensah Stock, a U.S. wrestler, found a karaoke machine as one of her favorite items.

Craig Melvin, the third hour of TODAY’s Wednesday show, interviewed the 28-year old to explain why she brought the unusual item along when she traveled to Tokyo.

“Mental health and well-being are important, so I needed an outlet. She said that she needs karaoke and video games.

Craig couldn’t stop laughing when she started to play footage of Mensah Stock singing her heart out.

Craig stated, “Oh, you don’t just sing, but you also dance.”

“I’m a performer. Although I am not an excellent singer, I can perform onstage. She said that karaoke is the best thing about it.

Mensah Stock realized after watching the clip that she was singing “Hakuna Matata”, from “The Lion King.”

“I sing so many dang songs … I don’t have any favorites. She said that she just loves having fun.

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The freestyle wrestler made history in Tokyo on Tuesday when she became the first U.S. Black woman to win gold in women’s wrestling. She was also the second American woman to win a medal in the sport.

Mensah Stock isn’t surprised by the magnitude of her achievements. Craig asked her what her win meant to her. She expressed pride.

She explained that she was the first ever state champion in wrestling when I was in highschool. “When I went to college, I became the first national teen wrestling champion, so it was a great honor to be the first Black woman to win that title.”