Doggie Daycares Invest in Stainless Steel Kennel Side Panels

The first impression of a Doggie Daycare is an important one, and having a clean, well-maintained facility can make all the difference. When prospects bring their pet for a visit, they’ll be looking to ensure their pup is in safe, good hands. They don’t want to leave their beloved pets just anywhere. Thus, you must be able to provide them with the assurance that your pet daycare is the home away from home that they seek. One way to do that is by investing in high-quality kennels.

Why Stainless Steel Is the Ideal Material for Your Kennels

At first glance, stainless steel might come across as overkill. However, there are multiple reasons why it should be your material of choice for kennel side panels. Since the material does not corrode or rust, these panels can withstand the wear and tear of busy shelters, even when exposed to the elements. With regular and easy cleaning, they can also help maintain high levels of hygiene, which is important in any pet boarding facility. Furthermore, you want firm and sturdy housing for all your canine guests. Being a naturally more durable material, stainless steel guarantees a longer lifespan for your kennel panels without the need for frequent replacements. This will ultimately lead to considerable savings in the long run.

Choosing The Best Kennel with Side Panels For Your Daycare Needs

Kennels with side panels are particularly useful for indoor facilities, as they can provide both a secure and comfortable environment for your pet guests. Starting with durability, you want to make sure that they can withstand frequent use. Additionally, you need to ensure that they are the right size to accommodate all your guests and that they have ample ventilation, as this will help keep them cool and comfortable. Even if you’re operating on a budget, you should still pick panels that offer good value for the money. This includes carefully reviewing each manufacturer’s reputation and track record in producing high-quality kennels.

Generally, the material you use will depend on your preference, and stainless steel will usually provide a cost-effective solution that can last for years. Unlike traditional wire mesh kennels, which can provide uncomfortable and sharp edges for your pet guests, stainless steel side panels are smooth and rounded. This prevents your canine guests from scratching their noses and feet. Furthermore, wood kennels provide a natural look and feel – but may not be as hygienic. You must be prepared to maintain them and also potentially replace them in the event of wear and tear. Lastly, plastic kennels are much lighter and can be moved easily. However, a doggie daycare may need more permanent kennels, and plastic may not be as durable when compared to stainless steel.


Ultimately, when investing in a kennel for your canine daycare business, you want to settle for a long-term solution that provides safety, comfort, and durability. Kennels with stainless steel for side panels can provide all three when properly installed and maintained. You can enjoy low maintenance and, in the long run, significant savings. Not failing to mention, a neat, clean, and professional-looking facility for your prospective clients. Making this investment will be beneficial to you in the long run.