Why Johnny Depp Is So Famous

Many people have asked me what my thoughts are about actor and writer, Jonny Depp. My only response is ” OH YEAH!!! He is an incredible artist and performer. In my opinion he is one of the most original artists to come out of Hollywood in the last 15 years.

Jonny Depp


Many people like to think that an artist turns into a bad artist because they are not of a certain mindset or are not of a certain generation. This is total nonsense. Just ask Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Tim Burton, Coen brothers, or any other artist that you like. They all agree that it takes creativity and originality to create something truly unique and memorable.


Jonny Depp is an artist that has grown up surrounded by creativity. He has always used his imagination as a form of escape. It is not always easy to escape the everyday rat race of life but when you can creatively detach yourself from the pressures of the world, you can focus on enjoying life and making it better. This is why so many people like to hang around artists that have a little bit of humor and who like to poke fun at the foibles of everyday life. This is what the public wants and Jonny Depp understands this perfectly.


I remember growing up with my parents in the seventies. Our neighborhood was a small safe place to grow up in because there were so few people my age. The only people our age who were really popular were older people like my uncles and aunties. Jonny Depp fits right into this mold. He is exactly what I would call a “popular” artist in the sense that he is loved and respected by many.

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He has always remained true to himself no matter what. His signature style, the quirky humor that comes from him, and even his offbeat approach to acting have endeared him to many people. Even if you don’t like his style, you will likely respect what he does. People like wild characters, especially when they are able to come off as real.


When people talk about actors who make “genre films,” they immediately think of Hollywood favorites like Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman. While both of these men fit into the genre category, they also fit into the more eccentric side of it. There is no reason to think of Depp as just another actor from Hollywood. He has always been a wild and unpredictable personality. Whether he is playing a straight man or a lovable rogue, he is always going to be a character that is memorable.


One of the reasons people love to watch Johnny Depp is because he plays characters that are both interesting and unique. Sure, he plays them for their story and how they will ultimately be told but you also get to see something other than the average person sees. This is what makes Depp different. People love his crazy sense of humor and how he manages to keep people interested in whatever project he is working on.


For all of his quirks, you also have to give him credit for the acting skills that he brings to his roles. Some people have trouble with getting caught up in the stories they are trying to tell, but Depp is able to make most scenes flow easily so that the audience doesn’t miss a thing. He has a way of making you feel for the characters he is playing. Because of this, he always makes it easier to connect with his audience.

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