The Batman actor Robert Pattinson has talked about the isolation and solitude of filming, and how he used it to fuel his character.

Batman actor Robert Pattinson has revealed how filming the movie about superheroes was a lonely time for the actor. The London-born Pattinson was a star who gained worldwide fame for his portrayal as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series He took the character in The Great Detective from The Town actor Ben Affleck, who hung his cape following the release of Justice League in 2017. Following the departure of Affleck, a variety of performers were considered to play the role such as actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson from the film Kick-Ass actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson prior to when Pattinson was chosen as The Batman.

As opposed to the previous versions of Batman this film won’t be an origin story. It concentrates on known Batman who is in the second season of combating criminals in Gotham. The plot will focus upon the protagonist’s function as a detective while the hunt for the notorious serial killer known as the Riddler who targets Gotham’s most powerful. It is believed to have a more dark mood and violent content than the previous films in the series, The Batman will feature Bruce Wayne as a dark and tortured person living in the rough which is a stark contrast to the playboy billionaire in previous movies.

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