In Why Doctor Strange Should Have an Iron-Mans-style MCU send off, we’re left with two possibilities: the sequel will assemble an Illuminati-style team of heroes to battle an unknown threat. This team will likely include Iron Man himself, who’s been in and out of the MCU since the first film. In addition, the series’ staples Professor X and Charles Xavier will return in the sequel, whether that be a new actor or Patrick Stewart.

Unlike in previous MCU films, the sequel will focus on the multiverse of madness, in which many worlds splinter on decision points. In this way, the MCU can be a truly global one. But, as with many superhero movies, the audience will be required to wait until the end of the movie to see the resulting consequences. Moreover, audiences will also have a chance to see Iron Man come into his own as a team player.

The villain in Doctor Strange’s last outing is a misplaced villain, so it’s important to make this a villain-free film. This means that the hero will need to use his powers to help others, not just himself. It’s no surprise that Doctor Strange would turn to a savage version of himself to defeat the evil version of himself.

But, what about the endgame of the MCU? There is no guarantee that the Avengers will survive this movie. It’s no secret that Marvel doesn’t shy away from killing their most important characters, as it allows them to advance the plot. By using the deaths of key characters to further the story, they’re signaling that the superheroes are not guaranteed to survive.

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The end of the first movie, “Iron Mans Final MCU Send Off,” was a huge step for the MCU. However, the second movie was not as successful, and fans wanted a different ending. This time around, however, Marvel will give us more Doctors than we ever thought possible. The MCU will continue to expand and grow. But it’s still not enough to satisfy everyone. If you’re looking for a grand-scale event movie, this is it.

The first film was a success. It’s a flop and failed to reach its potential. Its sequel was a big hit, but it failed miserably. Its release was delayed, and a new film was planned. In the meantime, the MCU continues to grow, and the next installment will be no exception. But if we can’t get our hands on it, we’ll just have to make do.

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