Johnny Oaks discovered Jonathan dead in their Houston bedroom two days after Christmas. Cause of death: Covid-19

Oaks was crippled by the shock and pain. He was only 37 years old when he named his son “J”. After being sent home for excessive coughing, he was diagnosed with coronavirus two days earlier.

Jonathan Oaks was the only child. He raised him as a single parent until he got remarried.

Oaks stated that even though he was devastated, he felt lucky that he could give his son a proper funeral because of his life insurance.

He told Daily Reuters that he had been covering his son since he was four or five years old. It would have been difficult without life insurance. It was 20 years since I was involved in a funeral, my mom’s. It was $7,000. It was $7,000. Now it is $17,000 for my son.

“I have seen people raise money to bury their loved one. I would not wish this on anyone. J’s passing threw me off my feet. It was unbelievable, but there is a funeral to plan. There are many emotions. It would be excessive to have to worry about the cost of a service, even though I know that many people do have this worry.

According to a study of 3,000 people released this month by LIMRA, a research organization for insurance and financial services companies, Black people are incrementally getting the message that Oaks learned long ago.LIMRA released a study this month of 3,000 people. It found that Black people are gradually catching onto the lessons Oaks had long ago. According to the 2021 Barometer Study, 56 percent of Black Americans purchased life insurance policies within the past year. This is the highest percentage among all racial groups.

This shows that Black people have reacted to the reality of mortality and the devastating effects of the coronavirus. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, Black Americans have the highest death rate per 100,000.

Alison Salka (a senior vice president, director at LIMRA), stated that the pandemic “brought mortality to the forefront people’s minds.” “So, in general, we found that almost a third (33%) of customers stated that they are more likely to purchase life insurance because of the pandemic. However, this number can vary for different demographic groups like Black Americans.

Erwin McGowan was 32 years old when his father died in a car accident. He was 32 when he died in a car accident. His wife and eight children were left behind in Angie, Louisiana. This is a small community near the Mississippi border.

McGowan stated that her mother was a widow at 28. “We struggled all our lives. My mother was a single parent with many children. We suffered because there was no life insurance.

“Life insurance could have been a game-changer for us in 1972.”

McGowan was adamant about the importance of life insurance as he grew older and moved to Houston. McGowan was inspired by the situation of his family after his father’s passing to enter the insurance industry.

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The 59-year-old State Farm operator and agent said he intentionally established his business 25 years ago in Houston’s Fifth Ward, a Black and Latino neighborhood where 38 percent of residents live in poverty. State Farm agent and operator 59-years-old said that he planned to establish his business in Houston’s Fifth Ward 25 years ago. This is a Black and Latino area where 38 percent of residents are living in poverty. He said that his upbringing has helped him “relate to their lives.” It’s difficult, I know.

“Our people don’t understand or see the value of life insurance. This has to change. That’s why I chose to be where I am, to help those who most need it.