Friends Cast Picture

FRIENDS is the most popular TV show of all time. You can download it from The Pirate Bay.

People simply can’t get over the 6 characters of the show even though it has been decades after the show got over. Recently the whole cast met at the Reunion and since then we have heard some rumors that Friends could be remade someday.

Now, we don’t know if the rumors are true (most likely not true) but we can’t shake the feelings of casting the perfect people in these iconic roles.

So, let’s have a look at our pick of the best actors to play FRIENDS if the show was made today:

1: Monica Geller

Naomi Scott is 29 years old and she is probably a new addition to the Hollywood franchise, but we can’t think of a better actor than her to play the role of The Monica Geller.

Naomi is beautiful and her hairstyle is quite similar to that of Monica’s at the beginning of the season.

Monica is the glue that holds the whole group together.


We think Naomi can be that when they remake FRIENDS today.

Moreover, Naomi is a self-described tomboy and not at all that girly as she seems in the movie Aladdin, which is perfect because Monica was never a girly-girl either.

2: Chandler Bing

Joe Keery is 30 years old but the old chap doesn’t look 30 at all.

There’s one thing about Joe that makes us resemble him with Chandler so much and that is his hairstyle.

You probably remember him from Stranger Things and boy was he funny in that show!!!

Talking about funny, who is the king of sarcasm? It’s Chandler, and as much as we’ve seen Joe on TV, looks like he would be the perfect actor to slay this legendary role.

Perhaps, we could ask Matthew Perry to give him some personal guidance, right?

3: Ross Geller

Cole Sprouse is 29 years old and who can play the role of Ross Geller better than his son, Ben?

Yes, fellas!

You may not remember him but Cole Sprouse played Ben in the original FRIENDS and since then we have associated him to be the perfect Ross Geller of this generation.

Even he admitted it himself that he had a crush on the OG Rachel when he was filming the show.

It seems like he is the perfect candidate to play Ross because he is supposed to have a crush on Rachel since high school.

4: Rachel Green

Maya Hawke is 23 years old and she is our choice for playing the role of the Fashionable Friend: Rachel Green.

You may remember her recently from Stranger Things 3 where she was cast opposite Joe Keery.

Given their chemistry there, we think Joe and Maya could pull off the Chandler-Rachel chemistry pretty well too.

Rachel is fashionable, fun, and fickle, and we think Maya could be all that.

She is a sensitive person in real-life, which should be good because our Rachel Green was also like that and she had Monica to get her back up on her feet.

5: Joey Tribbiani

Noah Centineo is 26 years old and his goofy smile and charming eyes tell us only one thing: he is perfect for the role of the iconic Joey Tribbiani.

According to reports, he is an approachable guy.

You can easily talk to him about anything just like our FRIENDS could talk to Joey in the series.

His charismatic appearance in the Netflix movies has made him a crush of the Internet and people just can’t get over those devilishly charming eyes.

He is always smiling and carries his happy-go-lucky persona well. So, what better choice do we have than to cast him as the new-age Joey Tribbiani, right?

6: Phoebe Buffay

Saoirse Ronan is 28 years old, and given her personality, we think she could play the toughest role in the whole FRIENDS fraternity: Phoebe Buffay.

She is extroverted, intuitive, yet thoughtful just like our Phoebe.

Yes, she has to bring out her own charisma to bring the right amount of weirdness and funny in the role of Phoebe so that the audience gets her quirks.

She also has a warm, friendly, and unpretentious personality, according to her fans.

If these qualities don’t make her eligible for the role of Phoebe, we don’t know what will.

I’ll Be There For You!

There is our complete cast for the new-age FRIENDS Remake.

We have Naomi Scott to play the role of the motherly Monica, and we have Joe Keery to play the role of caustic Chandler.

Next up on the list there is Maya Hawke to pull off the role of rakish Rachel, and her opposite will be, the handsome Cole Sprouse playing the role of rugged Ross.

Finally, our list can’t be complete if we don’t include Saoirse Ronan as she will play the role of preternatural Phoebe, and Noan Centineo to play Jaunty Joey.

Just imagine these people remaking our favorite TV show of all time, and you’ll get a good idea of what they will look like while filming.