Who Started the Bronx Drill?

There are many theories as to who started the bronx drill, including the belief that Keron Joel Forrest, Ron Sono, and DThang Gz were behind the concept. However, it is likely that none of them was involved in the original drill. In fact, there are only a few people who have ever walked on the streets of the Bronx. Here are a few of them:

DThang Gz

DThang Gz is one of the founders of the Bronx Drill rap group. The gang was arrested after an investigation into their activities. The Bronx district attorney and the New York Police Department commissioner have filed a 65-count indictment against DThang Gz and 21 other alleged members of the River Park Towers gang. The men were accused of conspiracy, attempted murder, possession of a weapon and other crimes. The arrests were made as a result of a search of their homes.

Dthang is a young rapper from the Bronx and has been very successful on YouTube. While he is not as famous as other rappers, he is best known as the pioneer of Bronx Drill. He was born in the Bronx and is in his early 20s. He is also active on Instagram as @dthangracks. If you are interested in knowing more about Dthang Gz, here are some facts about him.

Dthang has been active in the Bronx scene for some time, but has only recently begun to gain some notoriety. Currently, he has ten recorded on YouTube, which is a notable number for a new rapper. In these videos, he talks about rapping, his battles, and his quest for the ideal achievement. Despite being a young rapper, he has a significant impact on the Bronx drill scene, especially when he presents his music at local NYC drill areas.

The Bronx drill scene has exploded in recent years. Kay Flock and B-Lovee were dominating the radio airwaves with their fierce wordplay, and DThang is one of the most talented and influential rap artists in the city. Just two years ago, he started releasing his music on YouTube. His first video, “Bronx Drill,” has 1.8 million views. DThang has a high-pitched voice and a way with words.

The Bronx Drill gang was notorious for its violence and a lot of people believed D Thang Gz to be one of the original founding members. The gang was notorious for pulling guns and knives in the middle of congested areas. DThang Gz has not yet received his mugshot. Despite all of these allegations, his music has a huge fan base and is gaining thousands of views.

Ron Sono

Rap music is gaining popularity today and one boy from the Bronx named Ron Sono started the Bronx Drill. He’s credited with the rap music genre, as his workout routines have been hugely popular with his fans. The Bronx Drill was founded by Ron Sono, who is a 13-year-old. Since then, he’s been spreading the word about rap music in the area.

In the Bronx, rap artist Ron Sono has released many hit songs, including the song “Pinocchio,” whose lyric was based on a Disney cartoon. In June 2020, he’ll release his Swag Like Mike album. Known as Rap Pete, he’s worked with many other famous musicians and artists. This album will be his fifth studio release.

In addition to being a famous rap artist, he’s also a Youtuber and an accomplished songwriter. At 13, he started recording drill rap at home, and later promoted it through comedy. In addition to being an accomplished rapper, he’s also an actor, songwriter, and YouTuber. He’s known for rapping about life in the Bronx, and has become a household name in the music industry.

The Bronx drill is now making headlines in the world of hip-hop. With the help of artists such as Pop Smoke, Ron Suno is spearheading a new wave of drill rap that has hit the mainstream. This new wave of drill music was born from a combination of music and comedy, and has become a popular trend. His fans love his sense of humor and he’s already amassed 875K followers on Instagram.

The rap legend Ron Sono began rapping at the age of thirteen and has been gaining popularity over the years. He was inspired by the Bronx rap scene and started his own rap group at a young age. His videos have been posted all over the internet. Today, he has over half a million Instagram followers and is an internet sensation. This rap legend is a YouTube sensation who’s influenced a generation of young people.

Unlike the other drill raps, the Bronx Drill has its own unique style. The slang phrase “drill” literally means to shoot someone, and is very popular in New York. Drill rap has been growing in popularity as a genre of music, and has even spawned a new association in the New York area. It’s a part of hip hop that has exploded into a thriving industry.

Keron Joel Forrest

The Bronx Drill Rap is an American hip-hop artist who was born in the Bronx. He has achieved popularity in the United States and Canada. He is hard-working and continues to grow his fanbase. You can watch his latest music video to learn more about this popular hip-hop artist. The Bronx is known for hip-hop and rap. The Bronx community is a hotbed of rap music and a variety of rap groups can be found in this community.

He started his career as a rap artist at age thirteen. He started rapping in his home in the Bronx and grew his following on social networks. He has more than 500,000 Instagram followers. His music video “Pinocchio” has over two million views. The song “Bronx Drill” is one of the most popular songs on YouTube. In 2018, Keron Joel Forrest started a video series called Bronx Drill.

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