Naftali Bennett has moved a step closer to replacing Israel’s veteran prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bennett is a multi-millionaire former technician entrepreneur who made a name in politics with right-wing, religious-nationalist rhetoric.

The 49-year-old, that has made pitches to far-right voters during his career, leads the Yamina celebration, which has called for Israel to annex portions of the occupied West Bank.

A firebrand politician who has not shied away from controversy, Bennett is ultra-liberal about the market and takes an aggressive line against Iran.

He shares this ideology with Netanyahu and has served in several of the Likud leader’s authorities. In recent years, however, both have become increasingly more popular.

On Sunday, Bennett stated he would join a governing coalition which could end Netanyahu’s 12-year rule

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He agreed to join centrist Yair Lapid at a coalition to remove the prime minister. Lapid has offered to share power, allowing Bennett serve the first term rotating as prime minister.