What Does Dark Matter Do?

“What does dark matter do to us” is a question particle vacuums around the average person. The problem is that most people have no idea what it is and what is causing it to move. Most people are surprised to find out what is dark matter and what is dark energy is. But what is dark matter and what is dark energy are two entirely different questions. So what does dark matter do to us?

When talking about what makes up the universe, it is assumed that all matter is made of atoms and that those atoms have absolutely nothing in common. In fact there is what is known as “atoms” but these are actually only theoretical structures. Therefore, the structure that is thought to make up the dark matter is not something that can be seen with the naked eye and is therefore not a real structure in the physical world.

There are two main theories about what does dark matter do to us, that is what it does to other planetary objects. For example, most astronomers agree that the gas that makes up our sun is dark, although not nearly as dark as the gas that is believed to make up the planet of Jupiter. Most astronomers also agree that our galaxy is not very populated and that there is not that much space between stars as what is normal. All this leads to what does dark matter do to us.

What does dark energy do is what is causing stars to go out of existence. It is what is causing matter to pile up in our galaxy and beyond. It is what is causing the void of space and what is preventing stars from going into a black hole and getting obliterated. It is what is throwing off the timing of when the planets in our solar system come together and what is causing the Great Comet of killers. There are many theories on what dark energy is, but what is important is to find out what it is by using technology that is available now.


What is the Difference Between Dark Energy and Dark Matter?

A team of Carnegie Mellon University students came up with what is known as the Dark Energy Model. They theorized that what does dark matter do is to disturb space-time and cause ripples in the fabric of space-time, which they call “terrene”. This is what is creating the Doppler effect, which is what is causing radio signals to bend a little as they pass through a medium.

This is what does dark energy do; it distorts space-time so that one signal, traveling through one direction at a slower pace than the other, gets trapped. These waves then create what is called “cavities” in the walls of these cavities. They are what is causing the gaps in the sky and what is causing the different shapes and formations we observe with the unaided eye. The fact is, this is all happening every day, even in our own backyard. In fact, it is getting worse, not better. It is getting worse because we cannot see what is causing the damage and what is causing the pollution.

We need to step back from the constant obsession with technology and the way it is destroying our planet. We have become so dependent on these things that we are losing sight of what does dark energy have to do with all of this. One thing we must realize is that whatever it is does have an effect, because it is there. It can be seen, but we need more information about what it is before we can start taking steps to curb what it is causing.

When we finally figure out what does dark energy do, we can fix it. Once we know what is causing it, we can work towards fixing it. This is not going to happen by ignoring it. We have to face it head on and find a way to fight it. Once we have figured out what does dark matter do and how to fix it, we can all go back to what is living and breathing in this world, which is our life.


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