BRITS are being warned of a chilly start to the weekend, with parts of the UK set to feel FREEZING temperatures and heavy rain in the wake of Storm Barra.

The Met Office tweeted: “Once rain clears overnight, temperatures will drop to around #freezing across Scotland

This brings the risk of #icy stretches forming on wet untreated surfaces.

Drizzle and fog this evening

The Met Office have said there are likely to be a few showers that are locally heavy, but will be cleared to the east.

Then a patchy drizzle and hill fog is next.

The temperature will increase through the night for many locations.

The coast is windy, cool and breezy in the interior. Minimum temperature 8 degC.

Today’s forecast for the weather

Dry cool, sunny, and warm start however, rain showers will arrive in the western regions by late morning, and will then spread to the eastward across the rest of the areas in the afternoon, before getting heavier locally.

The wind is getting more brisk inland and on the coast. Highest temperatures Hampshire.

Maximum temperature 11 degC.

Warnings for windy days

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings about wind for the northwest region of the UK.

The warning was issued in anticipation of winds that could be a threat late Sunday night and through Monday.

80-85mph gusts could be possible in areas like the Western Isles, the far north of Scotland and the Northern Isles and there is an opportunity for gusts of more than 90mph in certain locations.

The winds are linked to an incoming low pressure system that is expected to form towards southwest of UK and is set to affect the northwest region in the UK.

Long range of weather forecasts for Christmas

The Met Office have said that Christmas Day will be a settled affair this year, but cold weather are expected to remain.

They stated “Remaining generally unstable initially, with the the wettest and most windy conditions likely to move further north, with dryer and brighter weather patterns emerging in the southeast and the south at times.

“Temperatures are likely to be a little drier than at the beginning of the month and temperatures close to the normal range, though colder weather is still possible.

“It is likely to become more settled around Christmas and towards New Year with increased chance of overnight frost and fog during clearer spells.”

Can I still have the Covid booster if I have a cold?

The short answer is yes.

If you are certain it is not Covid you are suffering with and you are well enough to leave home, you can get your third shot with confidence.

It might make you feel a bit rougher than if you weren’t ill, but overall it’s perfectly safe – and you can emerge from your sickly funk safe in the knowledge you are protected against coronavirus.

A cold shouldn’t have an effect on your body’s ability to build an immune response to the flu, even though it is fighting an illness.

NHS guidance says you should still attend your appointment even if you have a mild illness, including a common cold.

Explained: When will Winter be over?

When people are looking for the Winter season to be officially over, they can look forward to the Spring Equinox, which will mark the start of the Spring season.

The Summer Solstice will then signify that the Spring time has come to an end and hot and sunny Summer weather will be present until the next seasonal change.

Remembering the seasonal equinoxes and solstices are the key to knowing which time of year you are in.

Although a lot of territories experience differing weather conditions prior to the solstices and equinoxes, the dates are significant to know the official starts of the four seasons.

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  • Explained: Is it illegal to drive without fog lights?

    If you use your fog lights when it isn’t foggy you could be endangering other road users and potentially breaking the law.

    The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 says that it is illegal to use your lights to dazzle drivers coming towards you.

    Fog lights are very bright, which means they shouldn’t be used in normal weather.

    Switching or leaving your fog lights on when it’s clear, or if it’s just rainy, or in light mist where visibility is greater than 100m, could land you with a fine.

    If you use your fog lights incorrectly, you could be fined £30 at the roadside.

    You won’t get penalty points if dealt with in this way.

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    Weather forecast for 14th December to 23rd December

    Generally unsettled throughout the period, with cloud and outbreaks of rain clearing eastwards at first.

    Perhaps some frost in the north, but then rain and strong winds likely following from the west.

    Looking to be drier for many central and eastern locations, with some potentially heavy rain arriving to northern and western areas at times, accompanied by a risk of gales.

    The best chance of drier and brighter conditions in the east. Temperatures are looking to be rather mild throughout.

    Towards the end of the period, settled conditions may develop, however the north and west perhaps experiencing some longer spells of rain.

    Temperatures likely remaining rather mild, though a risk of frost is possible during some colder interludes.

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    Long range forecast to early January

    Heading into the Christmas period, settled conditions are likely.

    Temperatures perhaps close to or slightly above average for this time of year, however some colder interludes may bring a risk of frost at times.

    The last week of December and into early January is looking to remain settled, with an increasing chance of frost and fog during clearer spells for Christmas and towards New Year.