Victoria Beckham has shared an epic Spice Girls throwback to wish her former bandmate Mel C a happy birthday. The former Spice Girl has been struggling with sexual harassment allegations, but she still has the sex to rock the stage. In a series of tweets, she wished the Spice Girl a very happy birthday. The picture is a classic one – Mel and Victoria in the 90s, with a pixie cut and a black tank top.

The famous singer and actress also shared a throwback photo from her Spice Girls days. The Instagram account Heilig Hoax discovered the photo of the band in their glory days. During the press conference, Victoria Beckham looks blankly at the camera as Mel crept out from under her fringe. The video has been shared across the internet and fans are delighted to see the original photo.

The two former Spice Girls have remained close friends, despite the recent sexual harassment allegations against Mario Testino. The Instagram posts feature the duo posing in their iconic Spice Girls outfits against a baby blue backdrop. While the rest of the band members are chatting about their musical influences, Victoria sits quietly in the back. The remaining Spice Girls do not seem to mind the fact that Victoria walked out during the press conference.

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The news of the reunion has prompted fans to take notice of the photo. A video of the girls’ original chart-topping performance was released by MTV on 8 September 2006. In response, Mel C reportedly joined her former bandmates on a Zoom from Los Angeles. The photos were taken in 2004 and 2009. In the video, Mel C and Geri Horner discuss the musical influences of their band members and their music. The singer has since refused to join the UK reunion tour.

On the same day, Mel C’s birthday is celebrated on May 16. The Spice Girls were all born in 1996. The two women were married in 1999, when the Spice Girls were fading from popularity. They are now parents to three children, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper, and have two dogs named Max and Roo. The Beckhams live in Los Angeles, where David and Victoria live.

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Earlier in the day, Geri Horner posted a tweet wishing Mel C a very happy birthday. The singer also shared a picture of the two of them performing together. In a separate tweet, Ginger Spice wrote about Mel’s birthday wishes. She added, “The reunion has been very emotional,” while speaking about her new job as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The show will premiere on BBC Three on February 1 and will be filmed in London and New York.