Vice President Joe Biden Forced to Evacuate Beach Home After Private Plane Enters Restricted Airspace

The Vice President was forced to evacuate his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, home after his private plane entered restricted airspace. The Secret Service escorted the plane from the airspace and said it would interview the pilot. The pilot was not on the proper radio channel and did not follow published flight guidance. The Federal Aviation Administration had posted flight restrictions near the area prior to Biden’s visit, including a 30 mile no-fly zone and a 10-mile radius no-fly zone.

Biden evacuated from Rehoboth Beach home

President Biden and first lady Jill were forced to evacuate their Rehoboth Beach home Thursday morning after a small plane erroneously entered the restricted airspace above their residence. Although no one was injured, the evacuation was necessary for the safety of the president and his family. Secret Service Chief Anthony Guglielmi said a small plane made a mistake and entered restricted airspace.

The plane sped away in a hurry after violating restricted airspace in Wilmington, Delaware. U.S. military aircraft intercepted the plane and directed it to an airport nearby. The President and his family were traveling back to Rehoboth Beach after a visit to Ocean City, Maryland. They were unaware of the temporary flight restriction. Biden was able to get to his home safely and then flew to the airport for a meeting with his cabinet.

Private plane entered restricted airspace

The Secret Service is investigating why President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were evacuated from a private plane that violated airspace near their Rehoboth Beach home on Saturday afternoon. The small aircraft had violated a section of airspace that is restricted to commercial aircraft. A military jet intercepted the small plane shortly after 1 p.m., diverted the pilot to a nearby airport, and fired a flare to divert the plane.

During the temporary flight restriction, the planes can land at the Ocean City Airport, but the additional rules and hoops will discourage some people from visiting the beach during the day. This was already enforced in Wilmington, Delaware, last month, when a small plane violated the rules and was forced to land at a local airport. The president and his family have been staying at the North Shores community on Delaware’s Eastern Shore, which overlooks Cape Henlopen State Park, a popular surfing destination.
Vice President Joe Biden Forced to Evacuate Beach Home After Private Plane Enters Restricted Airspace

Intercepted planes diverted to nearby airfield

President Joe Biden was forced to evacuate his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Del., after a small private plane accidentally entered the area’s restricted airspace. The White House said the president and first lady were escorted from the plane. The Secret Service said the pilot was not on the correct radio channel and did not follow published flight guidance. The White House said they notified the traveling press pool about the incident one hour after it happened.

The Secret Service later told reporters that a cicada was found on Biden’s neck. Cicadas emit science-fiction-sounding hums to attract mates and were disrupting the mechanics of the press plane. The flight was delayed several hours, but was ultimately canceled late Tuesday after the plane was swapped for a different aircraft. The president’s family and staff were not injured, but are grateful for the temporary ban on flying.

U.S. troops working to secure airfield

In Delaware, U.S. troops have worked for days to secure the airfield near the vacation home of Vice President Joe Biden. The private plane entered restricted airspace near Biden’s beach home, which forced the president and first lady to leave. Secret Service and White House officials said there was no threat to Biden or his family and they returned to their Rehoboth Beach vacation home on Thursday.

The military unit is specialized in fast-setting up and maintaining airfields, which makes the effort more complicated. Meanwhile, Marines trained in evacuation support are arriving and are preparing to assist with getting civilians on planes. Biden’s decision to deploy troops comes just days after top congressional Republicans asked for classified briefings from top security officials. In fact, the president and his cabinet members will receive classified briefings.
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Afghan evacuees being flown to United States via U.S. airlines

In the days following the terrorist attack in Kabul that killed dozens of Afghans and 13 U.S. troops, the number of Afghan evacuees flying into the United States has doubled. As of Tuesday, more than 8,600 Afghans had been flown into the country by U.S. airlines. Some of the evacuees, however, were not eligible for visas. They would be placed in military bases or resettled into communities.

Since Saturday, the U.S. military has evacuated nearly 25,000 Afghans. In all, this figure includes those evacuated via coalition and military planes. President Joe Biden has said that between 50,000 and 65,000 Afghan allies have to be flown out of the country. A Pentagon spokesman said that more flights will be needed to process the entire refugee crisis.