Val Kilmer weeps while he struggles with the voice box in the trailer for his life story 'Val.

Val Kilmer can be seen breaking down in the trailer of his new movie Val. He admits that he has difficulty speaking and understanding since he was fitted with a voicebox.

The actor, 61 years old, was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2014. . He is now sharing his personal home movies from his childhood to tell his story in the documentary film that premieres at the Cannes Film Festival.

Kilmer shared the trailer via Twitter, writing: “It feels as if yesterday, yet it has been an eternity.” My documentary is about to be premiered at Festival De Cannes. As grateful as I am to have been awarded this honor, I most look forward to sharing my story with you.

“As a filmmaker for over 40 years, it thrills to know that the film will be shown in cinemas on July 23. It will also be available on @PrimeVideo on August 6. I am a lover of cozy movies and I’m even happier that it will be there. Let’s make every day the best it can be.

The trailer for Val features behind-the-scenes footage that Val has shot while making films over the years, including footage of Sean Penn and young actors. bacon”>Kevin Bacon.

Val Kilmer weeps while he struggles with the voice box in the trailer for his life story 'Val.

The voiceover says: “I have lived a wonderful life and I’ve captured quite some of it.”

“I was just diagnosed with throat cancer. I am still in recovery.

“It’s difficult to communicate and to be understood. But I want to tell my story more than any time.”

Kilmer is shown in tears on a montage of footage, then talks with a voicebox saying: “I have tried to see the whole world as one part of life.”

His rasping words were subtitled.

A voice box device, which is usually powered by the batter, can be inserted or held against the neck to produce sound for those who have had their larynx removed.

Kilmer was diagnosed in 2014 with throat cancer. After initially refusing to believe he was ill, Kilmer made the diagnosis public in 2017.

His movie career began in 1984. He has appeared in many hits, including Top Gun and Willow.

Tom Cruise and Kilmer will reprise their roles in Top Gun later this summer, which is a sequel to the 186 action film.

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