US President To Sign Executive Order For a Digital Dollar

Vice President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to study the risks of cryptocurrency and a possible digital dollar. While no specific action is expected right away, the order will set the stage for future detailed studies. The order calls on the Treasury Department and other agencies to conduct an analysis of the risks and benefits of digital assets and urges the US Federal Reserve to study the possibility of issuing a central bank digital currency. The US government is not expected to issue a central bank yuan any time soon, and the decision to approve this new form of currency would require Congressional approval.

US President To Sign Executive Order For a Digital Dollar

While Bitcoin has surged to record highs, the administration is cautiously optimistic about the technology. The Biden administration sees the explosive popularity of cryptocurrency as an opportunity to step in and make changes. It has reviewed the order, which directs the Treasury Department to study the potential benefits and risks of using a central bank dyad as legal tender. While some analysts are skeptical of the concept, the decision may prove beneficial for the US economy.

While the federal government has yet to issue a central bank dyad, many observers believe that this initiative will sway the markets. A central bank dyad could also be a major source of illegitimate money in the U.S. It would make it easier for the government to monitor digital currencies and help protect consumers from fraudulent transactions. However, it is unclear what role the government will play in regulating cryptocurrencies.

The Biden administration is worried about the risk of crypto assets to national security and the threat to economic sanctions. It is unclear whether this new technology can be used to avoid U.S. sanctions on Russia. An insider familiar with the matter told CNN that the new executive order is a “starting gun” for lobbying. Unlike previous actions, the executive order will not direct the federal agencies to adopt new regulations. Instead, it will commission several federal departments to conduct a thorough analysis of the advantages and risks of digital assets.

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In other words, the executive order will direct a variety of federal agencies to study the risks and benefits of digital currencies. It will encourage them to identify and mitigate the risks that digital assets pose to national security and the economy. Furthermore, the order will position the U.S. as a leader in the digital asset ecosystem while ensuring consumer protection. But it is unclear whether the move will result in a ban on all cryptocurrencies.