St Nick MONICA, Calif: A California jury in a common case decided on Tuesday that Bill Cosby physically attacked a lady at the Playboy Mansion in 1975 when she was a young person and requested the jokester to pay her $500,000 in punitive fees for profound trouble from the occurrence.

Judy Huth had affirmed that the comic welcomed her and a companion to the manor when she was 16, and he was 37 when she was attacked.
The decision came almost a year after Cosby was liberated from jail when Pennsylvania’s most elevated court tossed out his rape conviction in an alternate lawbreaker case there.

Huth’s claim was the main common body of evidence against Cosby to come to preliminary.

Cosby, who didn’t show up face to face at the preliminary, denied Huth’s claim. His safeguard group will pursue the decision, Cosby representative Andrew Wyatt said.

“Mr. Cosby keeps on keeping up with his honesty and will overwhelmingly battle these dishonest complaints, so he can return to giving the quest for joy, delight and giggling to the world,” Wyatt said in an explanation.

Cosby, 84, is most popular for his job as the adorable spouse and father during the 1980s TV satire series “The Cosby Show,” procuring him the epithet “America’s Dad.” But his family-accommodating standing was broken after in excess of 50 ladies blamed him for rapes over almost fifty years.

The jury didn’t manage altogether in support of Huth. By a 9-3 vote, they said she had not given “clear and persuading proof” that Cosby had acted with “malignance, persecution or extortion.”

Assuming members of the jury had casted a ballot yes on that inquiry, they might have given extra reformatory harms to Huth

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