Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been seen surfing in Hawaii because he faces a storm within his institution’s censorship of claims which Covid-19 could have been manmade.

On Tuesday, the Facebook founder, 37, was envisioned coming shortly after a session onto his hydrofoil, that has been painted with camouflage stripes in an attempt to discourage sharks.

Experts say sharks are less inclined to see zebra-style striped designs compared to blocks of color and brands have produced striped wetsuits and boards for both surfers.

Efoil boards are getting to be increasingly popular as they enable surfers to hit the water regardless of wind or wave conditions.

Zuckerberg, with a $100million estate around the island, was likewise seen wearing what’s believed to be a shark deterrent ankle band made by Sharkbanz, which uses magnetic technology to repel snakes.

According to the company’s site, when sharks strategy the band, they’detect the device’s strong electromagnetic field, which offers a sudden sensation that is thousands of times stronger than the signal produced by anything in a shark’s normal food chain.’

This creates an effect similar to unexpectedly having a bright light shone in your eyes, the company said, adding that it doesn’t hurt the sharks.

Hawaii has been the location of many shark attacks with shores occasionally being closed after sightings. Six attacks have been reported by the country so far this year, all impacting swimmers and surfers.

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Zuckerberg was observed on the water many times lately and shared a movie of himself celebrating his birthday on an Efoil – different to the gear he had been using on Tuesday – before this month.

The Facebook creator took to the water on the 12,000 motorized surfboard, sharing a short video of the tune on his social networking accounts.

The 60-second clip revealed the billionaire cruising across the waves while wearing a black wetsuit and a helmet.