UK tech section under trouble, BT robotics lab, action against Google bunged .

Hello I’m aunt joblin and these are the top stories for the week ending the 12th of November  2021 a new report has suggested the UK’s skills shortage has reached an all-time high putting its booming technology sector under threat around eight in ten digital leaders the news priorities for employments as a result of the pandemic have made retention more difficult accounting to the Harvey nast groups

digital leadership report up to 40 percent of UK digital leaders also admitted that key employees are being lured away by high salaries and better hybrid work policies combined with a general lack of skilled workers its believed two-thirds of leaders are now unable to keep up with the digital demands of their business  bt has opened the UK’s first robotics test lab to helps solve some of the most pressing civil engineerings challenges facing the country the 5000 square foot’s facility in Suffolk is set to play a key role in developing innovation robotic tool for us telecoms infrastructure and will involve help from universities and robotics startups from across the country this includes addressing problems likes how to fix blocked or collapsed to ducks and how to install new fibre cables without the costs and delay that come with digging up road and pavements a planned 3.2 billon pound class action lawsuit against google over claims it illegally tracked the reactivity of millions of iPhone users has blocked by the UK supreme court the complaint alleged that google bypassed default privacy setting on safari browser secretly collect personal data from 5.4 millions iPhone users in the UK between 2011 and 2012 campaign group google you own us hoped to sue the company for damage equal to 750 pounds per person affected however the court rejected this approach adding that lawsuit failed to demonstrate financial loss or metal distress of those affected and was therefor unsustainable.

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