UAE Police Fine 105.300 Motorists For Distracted Driving

The UAE Police has cracked down on drivers using their cell phones, fining 105.300 motorists for disobeying traffic rules. Smart cameras installed by the Dubai Police will detect motorists using their phones while driving and will fine them accordingly. The fines will range from a mere Dh100 to four black points. Hopefully, these fines will make people stop using their phones and focus on driving.

Abu Dhabi Police fines 105.300 motorists for using mobile phones while driving

Traffic accidents caused by drivers distracted by their mobile phones are an everyday occurrence in the UAE, with the number of accidents rising in recent years. Using your mobile phone while driving can result in a Dh800 fine and four black points on your license. To avoid being fined for using your mobile phone while driving, drivers should pay attention to traffic signs and regulations. Drivers should also avoid crossing red lights and refrain from taking photos or messages while driving.

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During the first six months of 2022, the Abu Dhabi Police issued fines to 105.300 motorists for using their mobile phones while driving. The police categorised distracted driving as a serious traffic violation, and fines motorists for talking, browsing the internet, or taking photos. It is also illegal to text and drive while using a mobile phone, and drivers who do it may incur a Dh800 fine and four black points on their licence.

Dubai Police installs smart cameras to detect drivers violating traffic rules

A new radar system, called a’smart controller’, is being implemented by the Dubai Police to catch drivers violating traffic rules. The new technology will detect dangerous violations and transmit them to a command and control centre in the police force’s smartphone app. It will also send warning messages to drivers and pedestrians. It will be controlled remotely by police officers, and will be a welcome addition to the city’s roadways.

The police force in Dubai recently installed new radars in areas where drivers often cut into traffic, such as at intersections and exits. The new devices are also strategically placed in locations where traffic is heavy. The radars will be able to identify drivers who have been breaking traffic rules and will issue fines on the spot. The new systems should help reduce traffic jams and road deaths. In the short term, the new systems will help the Dubai Police achieve their goal of zero road deaths by 2020.

Dubai Police fines 27,076 motorists for distracted driving

Distracted driving is a serious crime, and Abu Dhabi Police recorded 27,076 distracted driving violations in the first six months of this year. Drivers who are caught doing so will be fined Dh800 and receive four black points on their traffic files. The penalty for this offense can be life-threatening, and is one of the most common traffic infractions. In addition to the fine, drivers will also face four black points on their license.

In addition to the fine, drivers also risk having their license suspended if they continue to engage in distracting activities while driving. According to Dubai Police, motorists who take pictures or take calls while behind the wheel have a 280% higher risk of causing an accident. In the last year alone, the Roads and Transport Authority has issued warnings to motorists against taking selfies while driving and are risking heavy fines.