America considers keeping a global diplomatic presence in Kabul necessitates a”function, protected” airport,” a State Department spokesperson said on Friday, implying embassies could be made to close with no one.

The announcement came a day after a Taliban spokesman effectively resisted Turkey’s proposition that its troops stay to protect and run on the Hamid Karzai International Airport following the death of the remainder of the U.S.-led overseas force.

The Taliban’s place poses serious concerns for the USA, other nations and global organizations with missions in Kabul about the best way to prevent employees from landlocked Afghanistan should combating sabotage the capital.

“We highlight a working, protected airport is necessary to any international diplomatic existence and will reap Afghan travelers as well as the Afghan market,” that the State Department spokesperson said in reaction to the Taliban announcement.

However, their remark appeared to be a message into the Islamist Taliban that unless nations with embassies in Kabul believe their diplomats may safely get into a working airport, so they could shut their assignments.

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U.S. officials have stated they consider the insurgents seek international legitimacy and an end for their pariah status.

Australia shuttered its embassy in Kabul last month due to safety issues.

President Joe Biden’s choice to withdraw from America’s greatest war, stalled peace talks and unrelenting violence are fueling fears that Afghanistan is led to an all-out civil war which could reunite the Taliban into power.