Truth test: No, Biden isn't trying to induce Americans to eat less red meat

Republican members of Congress, Daily Reuters styles along with other notable right-wing figures are claiming that President Joe Biden is trying to induce Americans to eat much less red meat.

“Joe Biden’s climate strategy comprises cutting 90 percent of red meat out of our diets from 2030. They would like to restrict us to approximately four pounds per year. Why doesn’t Joe stick from the kitchen?”
At a particularly strange moment on Twitter on Sunday, two Republican governors, Greg Abbott of Texas and Brad Little of Idaho, tweeted their own resistance to the Biden reddish meat coverage which does not exist — also mentioned a Fox News picture that recorded the assumed elements of this nonexistent policy.
Here is the facts.
Truth First: Biden hasn’t suggested any limitation on Americans’ red meat intake. Actually, he hasn’t suggested any limitation on Americans’ intake of any food. The false claim concerning Biden attempting to limit individuals to four pounds of red meat annually seems to have originated with a deceitful Thursday post from the British tabloid The Daily Mail. The post baselessly linked Biden’s climate suggestions to a academic newspaper from 2020 who isn’t about Biden and states nothing about the government imposing dietary restrictions.
The newspaper, by scholars in the University of Michigan and Tulane University, quotes how greenhouse gas emissions could be impacted if Americans hypothetically made a decision to alter their diets in a variety of manners, like cutting their consumption of beef to four pounds annually. The paper doesn’t imply a compulsory four-pound beef limitation — and, even more importantly for the purposes of the fact test, the newspaper is simply not associated with Biden’s plans. The newspaper doesn’t mention Biden’s title. And Biden hasn’t publicly cited the newspaper. . .frankly, you can stop reading here if you simply wanted to know whether it is correct that Biden is attempting to remove your sacred into some rib eye. That claim is absolute crap.

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But in case you are considering how right-wing media characters and elected officials turned into a little-known academic analysis to a scary presidential scheme to restrict Americans’ hard-earned cookout liberty, then continue reading. Biden and the White House briefly outlined a number of steps that could benefit, from improving automobile efficiency to retrofitting buildings to”farmers deploying cutting gear” to create American land”another frontier in carbon production.” However, The Daily Mail ran a headline which stated”Biden’s climate program could restrict you to consume only 1 hamburger a MONTH.” The post went on to state that though Biden has not yet published the details of their aims,”Americans might have to reduce their red meat intake by a whopping 90 per cent and reduce their intake of other animal based foods in half” It mentioned that the academic paper we told you about over. Butagain, that newspaper was not about Biden and was not about compulsory restrictions.
The newspaper found that when Americans made a 50 percent cut to their ingestion of animal-based meals along with a 90 percent reduction to their ingestion of beef specifically — in other words, even should they travelled to four pounds of beef each year, or 0.18 ounce daily — there are a 51% decrease in diet-related US greenhouse gas emissions between 2016 and 2030.
To say the obvious: an academic discovering that greenhouse gas emissions could be lowered when Americans hypothetically ate 90 percent less beef doesn’t imply the president will induce Americans to consume 90 percent less steak . There is just no connection between the newspaper’s hypotheticals and Biden’s actual policies. “It is up to people to then select their own behaviours which may tackle the extreme environmental situation where we find ourselves. And it’s up to society, all people to incentivize those behaviours.”
Rose stated,”I feel that the right wing media is fear-mongering about our scientific research as a means to score’red meat’ points with their base”

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