“Is it going be OK?”

This week, President Joe Biden stated that European leaders continued to ask that question on his recent trip abroad as they try to overcome their fear for democracy in the United States after Trump’s years. Recent events have shown that things are far from okay.

The last days of Donald Trump’s presidency were filled with terrifying images. They showed him as a paranoid and vindictive wannabe autocrat trying desperately to hold on to power. Washington Post reporters Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig report that Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs Chairman of the US military, was concerned that Trump might use the military to set up a coup. To stop illegal orders, the top brass devised a plan to resign each one at a time. The uniformed military was prepared to challenge a civilian commander-in-chief — in a reverse of constitutional order — to save law and order.

People who had hoped Trump’s tyrannical threats would end when he left office on January 20 were disappointed. The ex-President continues to spread lies about the theft of the election every day. His supporters are staging a fake recount in Arizona for a state that he lost. Trump appears to be planning a run for the presidency in 2024. The Republican state legislatures are also passing legislation that makes it more difficult for Democrats to vote, and easier for them to steal elections.

The man who could become the next Speaker of the House if the GOP wins back the chamber traveled to Trump’s New Jersey estate on Thursday to pay tribute to the exiled Great Leader. Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, has determined that his path to power is dependent on millions of Trump voters believing the lies of the former President. If this means that you have to play nice with someone who tried to destroy democracy.

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Many in Washington continue to claim that recent revelations have shown how close the US was to disaster following the election. But that’s just one part of the story. Trump’s unhinged and malicious behavior is a sign of the danger he poses if he gets near the Oval Office.