Trevor Bauer, Dodgers Pitcher, Levels Troubling Sexual Assault Allegiances

It was to be Major League Baseball’s Fourth of July showcase event: The defending World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers taking on the nation’s capital, Trevor Bauer (club’s $102million pitcher),

Garrett Cleavinger, the Dodgers’ right-hander, started Sunday against the Washington Nationals. Bauer, however, remains on a seven-day administrative leave that was issued last week by Rob Manfred, the baseball commissioner. The Pasadena (Calif.), Police Department is currently investigating the allegations against Bauer, the Dodgers right-hander. Major League Baseball is also looking into Bauer, but the administrative leave is not a disciplinary one.

Pasadena Police spokesperson Lt. Carolyn Gordon confirmed that the 30-year-old Bauer was under investigation in a telephone interview on Sunday.

Gordon stated, “It is an assault investigation.” “At the moment, we are in the middle of the investigation. We will not release any additional information.”

On June 29, the accuser filed a request to a Los Angeles County Superior Court Domestic Violence Restraining Order against Bauer. The request was granted that day. The woman attached a declaration, which details the disturbing and lurid claims. It was filed under penalty of perjury. According to the woman, Bauer had two sexual encounters at her Pasadena residence earlier in the year. One was in April and one in May.

In her declaration, the woman claims that Bauer “began putting my fingers down my throat aggressively” during April’s first encounter. Bauer also “wrapped my neck and choked” the woman until she lost consciousness. Bauer was having anal sex with the woman when she awoke, she claimed.

According to the woman’s statement, Bauer choked the woman again during the second encounter. When she tried to regain consciousness, Bauer “resumed having sex with her again and then Trevor began punching me.” She also claims that he punched other parts of her body. She awoke in San Diego the next morning with bruises all over her body and face. The exhibits that were attached to the request for a restraining order include gruesome photos of the woman who claims she was sexually assaulted and abused by Bauer. Additional exhibits include alleged text messages between Bauer and the woman.

The exhibit also contains a May 17th medical report from Alvarado Hospital Medical Center, San Diego. According to the medical report, the diagnosis for the woman is “acute head injury” or “assault with manual strangulation”. The woman also told the attending doctor during her hospital visit that she didn’t want to file a report on a police incident. She states that Pasadena Police recorded a conversation between her and Bauer on 21 May.

“As the shock wears off, I realize the severity of the sexual assault that I suffered. She stated that she did not want Trevor to make anyone go through the same thing as her.

The photos proving the unconsented abuse do not lie, but I won’t go into details for Mr. Bauer and my client. Bryan Freedman, one of the woman’s lawyers, stated that any suggestion that she wasn’t the victim of assault is false and defamatory. “Our client really wants Mr. Bauer involved in a medically appropriate therapeutic process so he can get the treatment he requires to not act like this again. It will help her feel secure and resolve this issue if he is open to participating in a therapeutic process that is directed by professionals. She cannot let this happen to anyone else, however.

Jon Fetterolf is Bauer’s agent and a certified agent with MLB Players Association. He previously stated that Bauer had a “brief and consensual relationship” with the woman.

Fetterolf stated that the woman’s reason for filing a protection order is not real, fraudulent, and intentionally omits key facts and information.

Marc Garelick is Marc Garelick’s co-counsel. The matter will be heard in court on July 23.

Bauer, who was awarded the National League Cy Young Award when he pitched last season for the Cincinnati Reds has not been afraid to voice his opinions or take on the role of social media provocateur. Bauer said last August that he wouldn’t wear cleats in a game with “Free Joe Kelly” written on it, during the pandemic-shortened year. Kelly, Bauer’s Dodgers teammate was suspended last year after he intentionally threw at Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa. Bauer criticized Manfred in the post on social media about MLB’s handling the Astros sign-stealing scandal.

Bauer tweeted on August 20: “Apparently Rob doesn’t like players following his rules.” “Just left me wondering how following the rules = fine/ejection and cheating your path to a World Series = no fine/ejection.”

Five days before, Bauer had posted a Twitter comment criticizing Boras: “PSA for all the players reading this, Boras doesn’t care. He is concerned only with himself and his ego. “Be smart.”

Bauer was one the most sought-after free agents during the winter, and he signed for the Dodgers for three seasons and $102 million. In light of recent allegations, Rachel Luba, Bauer’s other agent, tweeted her support for Bauer.

She posted on July 1 on Twitter that she had access to “MUCH more information” than was publically available and is confident that the truth will be revealed.

MLB can request that the players’ union consent to an extension of the administrative time for seven additional days. This consent must be following the collective bargaining agreement.

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