Travel News This Week: Shipwreck Discoveries and a Crowdfunded Country

Antarctica and Lake Superior shipwrecks have been found. The discovery of two hundred-year-old wrecks is an exciting new opportunity. You can now explore them using a new crowd-funding project. The ship was sunk nearly 100 years ago. And a new project is raising funds for the nation’s tourism board. There are many more interesting developments in the world of travel.

Shipwreck discoveries and a crowdfunded country Travel news this week

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Airbnb hosts in Ukraine received bookings from travelers from around the world in response to social media campaigns to support the besieged people. Flight restrictions in Russia continue to affect the country, and hotel chains are pulling out. However, many Russians choose Thailand as a holiday destination, and the Covid airport, which was used during the Cold War to strand Russian tourists, is now open to international visitors.

Flight sanctions continue to affect international flights. The US Embassy in Thailand is working on a campaign to send money to besieged Ukrainians. A new social media campaign has been launched to raise funds for a Ukrainian airport. And in the Caribbean, a group of investors has successfully crowdfunded $250,000 to purchase an uninhabited island. It is called Coffee Caye and is 1.2 acres in size. The goal is to name it Islandia, and open its borders to tourists.

In the Southern Ocean, an explorer’s vessel named the Atlanta was discovered in May 1891. It was carrying coal when it sank. And on land, an ember-laden ship found its way to Michigan’s Lake Superior 130 years ago. And, in Ireland, the government has lifted the Covid travel restriction to allow tourists to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

More yachts than ever before have been discovered. The US Department of State is allowing more travelers to use public transport. On the other hand, the US is removing its mandatory Covid test for home travelers. Belize and the Maldives have also lifted their mask mandates for domestic travellers. These countries were among the first to implement the Covid test. While the United States has moved its policy, the EU has decided to move some former success stories into the highest risk category.

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The Covid recovery fund was launched after a 1.2-acre island off the coast of Belize. The funds will go to couples planning their weddings on the island. The new country will have a parliament and a central government. The capital city, Rome, will be the center of attention. This is one of the most exciting stories in travel news this week. A swarm of self-proclaimed rulers has been spotted in Italy.