Towie star James Argent has shed 13 stone after having gastric sleeve surgery. He once weighed 27 stone, and doctors told him he was close to death if he didn’t lose weight. Luckily, he decided to enlist the help of a surgeon, and he has since undergone a   £10,000 weight loss operation. In an interview with TOWIE, Arg explained that he has a new and slimmer body – and that he feels more confident than ever.

As the show’s host, Arg has been making a concerted effort to shed the pounds. He has joined a gym and has developed a healthy lifestyle. Arg’s mum, Gemma Collins, wept when she saw the unrecognisable young man. He was also a heavy drinker and binge-eating regularly after he quit alcohol and drugs. The surgery has meant that he is now restricted to drinking small amounts of water 30 minutes before eating and has no food cravings whatsoever.

The TOWIE star’s remarkable weight loss is largely down to his strict diet and exercise regime. The singer has ditched a plethora of alcohol and cocaine and replaced them with healthy diet and exercise. Afterwards, he has shed all the excess pounds, including the three stone he’d gained after his first episode of the show.

In April, the TOWIE star revealed the shocking secrets behind his stunning 13stone wei. He lost the weight after undergoing a weight-loss surgery. After a period of depression and cocaine addiction, he is now at a slim 15st 7lb. A gastric sleeve, costing  £10,000, has allowed him to drop the weight.

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in April, the singer has lost 11st, which is almost half of his original weight. Despite his previous weight of 27st 7lb, the singer now weighs 15.7st. However, the surgery is not cheap and requires PS10,000. This means a lot of money. TowiIE’s James Argent can afford to eat almost anything he wants, without weighing himself.

Arg’s drastic weight loss has come after a dramatic change in his lifestyle. After undergoing bariatric surgery, he has lost all of his fast food cravings and now weighs 14st. His stunning transformation is the result of a strict diet and regular gym visits. He has also taken up weight training and boxing classes to keep fit.

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TOWIE’s James Argent hints at the secrets behind his stunning 13stone weight. The actor has been a star in Sugar Free Farm, The Jump, and other TV shows. He has also hosted his own entertainment segment on Good Morning Britain. If you want to keep up with the star, subscribe to his Daily Star newsletter. It contains the latest news on James Corden.