Beijing, the Chinese capital, will experience AM showers on the 25th of June 2021. This is due to heavy rainfall in northwestern China and the Gobi desert. Temperatures are expected to range from 21-28 degrees.

China Meteorological Administration has announced heavy rains in the morning of the 25th of June. It will be from Inner Mongolia to the provinces Gansu Shanxi, Hebei and Hebei which surround Beijing.

According to Beijing’s weather forecast, rainfall will enter the core period from the morning until the noon of 25th. This could cover Beijing in its entirety. The Central Meteorological Observatory says that extreme rainfall could occur in the northeast and southwest of Beijing, central Hebei, and northeast.

Beijing is blessed with all four seasons. It can be anything from boiling hot to freezing cool. Summers can be hot, humid and rainy. The mercury can rise to 30C from May onwards

To avoid heat and rainy weather, it’s best to avoid travelling in this season. Summer Beijing heats up in the sun, so don’t be surprised to see temperatures reaching 40C. Late in the season, there are heavy rainstorms. Humidity is a combination of heat and rain. You can also expect to see hazy pollution in the area.

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Heavy rainfall can lead to secondary disasters like mountain torrents and landslides. It is crucial to know how to protect yourself!