Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey recollected her late spouse in a heart-contacting post as she went to Irish vocalist Ruth Anne’s pre-marriage ceremony as a bridesmaid without The Wanted star.

Taking to Instagram, the lamenting spouse of the late Tom star got serious about the ‘clashing’ experience of ‘watching her dearest companion wed her first love’ when ‘seven weeks prior she lost hers’.

On Sunday Kelsey shared a photograph of herself at the wedding close to an unfilled seat put something aside for Tom.
‘This weekend for me was so ambivalent, I was watching my dearest companion wed her first love yet 7 weeks prior I lost mine.

‘What about death is that despite the fact that I have experienced the most horrendous experience the world continues to turn.

‘The sun continues to sparkle and I realize Tom was looking after me particularly when the sun was radiating on us day in and day out.

‘I truly had fun this end of the week and it was so good to really relax and be Kelsey. I raised a glass to my kid and I realize he’s up there having shots.

‘There were minutes when my heart would throb, minutes when the tears wouldn’t quit moving down my face, and minutes where I giggled until my stomach hurt.

‘In this insane world – Life is for living.’

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