While the film’s premise might be controversial, Tom Holland still defended it and praised the performance of Cumberbatch. The critic said that Cumberbatch’s character is a “really interesting character,” and it was a unique role for him. The actor, who is known for his portrayals of alcoholic and neurotic men, is no stranger to polarizing views on masculinity. In The Power of the Dog, Tom Holland argued that the film was a good example of gaslighting and toxic masculinity. In a tweet, Holland cited the director Jane Campion for the movie’s direction and the novelist Thomas Savage for the script.

In the film, Tom Holland praised Cumberbatch’s acting and praised the film’s script. He also said that Cumberbatch put a lot of heart into the role, and that he and Dunst had a great time working together. The movie’s success is expected to be reflected in numerous Academy Award nominations. The Power of the Dog is currently streaming on Netflix, but you can watch it here.


Despite the polarizing nature of the subject matter, The Power of the Dog is a highly acclaimed movie. The actors have previously worked together on the film Doctor Strange, and they teamed up in The Amazing Spider-Man: Homecoming. In addition to the critically acclaimed film, Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch have collaborated on a TV series. The film is expected to dominate awards season, so don’t miss it!

While it was surprising that Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch hated each other on the set of the film, they were still great friends. In addition to Doctor Strange, the pair starred in Spider-Man: no way home and Jane Campion’s Appreciation. The Power of the Dog will be available on Netflix on November 17th. If you’re interested in seeing the movie, you can view the trailer and read the full article at The New York Times.

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The film’s storyline is as interesting as its characters. The four main characters are George, Rose, and Phil, and they are a family-run ranch in Montana in 1925. The two men are close and Tom Holland admired both of them. While the film was a hit with the critics, the director were not a happy couple. The actor’s relationship with Cumberbatch was a mutual source of mutual admiration.

The film follows four brothers. George Gordon is a powerful rancher and is a devoted father while Rose Gordon is an artistically talented woman. The two resent each other and hate him. This causes the relationship between the two to devolve into a vicious circle. The story of the brothers’ relationship is compelling and the conflict between the two is intense. However, the two men are a polar opposite.

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