Tom Grennan is over the heartache that inspired his second album. It is a bittersweet, but ultimately upbeat record. The lead single, “If Only,” is a confident confidence booster. Gospel melodies complement Grennan’s powerful vocals. The title track, “Something Better,” showcases his impressive range. The closing track, “Little Bit of Love,” confronts the broken feelings of love and loss. It’s an experiment in pop songwriting that Grennan does well.

Despite being an emotional album, Grennan’s lyrics are upbeat and hopeful. “Lightning Matches” was a breakout hit, blending soul, jazz, and hip hop influences. Evering Road builds on this foundation and shows a strong sense of optimism. It is full of gritty vocals, which make it a radio banger.

Evering Road, Grennan’s latest album, was released on Friday. It was named after the East London street where he used to live with his ex. The songs on the album deal with the fallout from a previous relationship and his relationship with his hometown. The lyrical themes are about love and heartbreak. The album’s title hints at Grennan’s past and the feelings of heartbreak.

“Evering Road” was a solid debut for Grennan. The album, named after Grennan’s former home in East London, captured the hearts of his fans with an eclectic mix of hip hop, soul, and jazz influences. Its roots in gritty lyrics about the fallout from a former relationship. The lyrical topics of the album touch on themes of love and heartbreak, as well as the feelings of both.

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Initially positioned as an indie singer-songwriter, Grennan is now firmly entrenched in his soul-rock role. He has attempted to mimic the sounds of Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys and Paolo Nutini with his voice, but now, he has settled into the soul-rock singer role. The result is a beautifully crafted, heartbroken second album.

“Evering Road” is a great album that captures the heart and soul of its listeners. This album is a perfect example of gritty pop, but it’s also a perfect representation of Grennan’s heart. Its lyrics explore a range of emotions and themes, from the pain of being in love to being in a relationship with a toxic person.

The title track “Little Bit of Love” is the perfect introduction to his new album. His debut EP, “Something in the Water,” was a success in England, but “Evering Road” was a disappointment for Grennan. His album has more powerful emotional content and a more upbeat, hopeful attitude. Despite the heartbreak that inspired his second record, the artist is over the heartbreak and is moving forward with a fresh set of music.

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