Tinashe learned self-care from her mom.

Tinashe was taught self-care by her mom, a physical therapist.

The singer of ‘Slumber Party’ has created the Good Hair Days Kit together with Eva NYC. She stated that “maintaining healthy practices” is essential for “those intense, strenuous days” and that her mother makes sure she is always “taped for support.”

Tinashe learned self-care from her mom.


She stated that her mom was a physical therapist and she is always there to support me.

“I love massages, stretching, Epson salt baths, and good health practices in between long, hard workdays.”

The star, who will release her sixth studio album, “333”, on Friday, 06/08.21, has also shared how she keeps her locks luscious on hectic workdays. She swears by Freshen Up dry shampoo, priming mist, and she Freshens up dry shampoo for quick fixes.

Byrdie.com, she said: “I love the primer. I change my hairstyles all the time.

“When I don’t have the time to wash my hair every day, the [Freshen up] dry shampoo is great because it doesn’t spray on white and still leaves my hair clean.”

The products are all cruelty-free and “super sustainable”, which is very important for the Superlove singer.

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Tinashe said: “I love Eva NYC’s sustainability, cruelty-free and vegan.

“They tick many boxes that are important for me.”