You won’t find videos if you search for “milk crate challenge” on TikTok because the social media app has removed the dangerous and popular trend.

People climbed up milk crates to create a viral challenge. Sometimes, they were injured by falling on them. The ban comes after warnings from doctors and concerned users.

TikTok bans content that glorifies or promotes dangerous acts. We remove videos from searches and redirect them to our Community Guidelines in order to discourage such content. TikTok released a statement saying that they encourage caution online.

This challenge was completed at parties, in TikTok users’ yards, and even during gender reveal events. The person who climbs the crates is often seen falling to the ground.

Many doctors and other health professionals expressed concern about the situation. Charlotte Corke, a Minnesota nurse who works in an ICU, described it as “horrifying” and “dangerous.”

It’s bizarre. Already, we’re seeing COVID-related deaths. Now Corke is seeing patients in the ER for head injuries sustained during this TikTok challenge.

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Daily Reuters was informed by Dr. Rajwinder Deu at John Hopkins University. He said that the milk crates’ instability and height put people at risk of serious injuries.

Corke hopes that the Tiktok ban will discourage people from walking on stacked milk containers.

“The public needs to be more focused on COVID and other diseases that are out of control. Corke stated that it is important not to get infected by viral disease.