A deep purple feather gown that breathes and exhales. A dramatic gown with an imposing moving skirt or one which print receipts. These are only a few of the designs that the 28 year old Cameron Hughes has made recently. The designer from New York specialises in high-tech clothing that moves with you and take on an individuality on their own. The designer started the dresses as a hobby prior to the pandemicbut began to get noticed after he started posting on TikTok in the year 2020. In the past, he’s accumulated nearly half a million fans on the app due to his innovative, technically driven designs. “I started to make my designs for looks when I was going out to clubs for fun,” Hughes says. Hughes. “Then the pandemic hit, and there was nowhere for people to see what I was making, or any specific events to make looks for – so I decided to show people what I was making on TikTok.”

Hughes who holds earned a BFA at Syracuse University, uses his knowledge of sculpture and engineering to develop. “I took some engineering classes while [at Syracuse], but learned almost everything from YouTube and maker blogs,” Hughes states. “I actually did some kinetic and interactive sculpture [in school] – I’m just sculpting with fabric now.”

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Although his final designs are captivating He often reveals what happens behind the scenes of creating, say the motorised spinning skirt. A lot of his fans comment that his work calls to an artist such as Lady Gaga to wear them (a dream client of his) Also, he imagines dressing in a gown for an event like the Met Gala and showing at New York Fashion Week. Whatever happens, he intends to bring his growing fan base along with him. “I want to show the entire process from making stuff in my studio apartment for silly TikTok videos to launching a brand,” He states. “An actual look at how it’s done.”

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Here, Hughes talks about his creativity process, the things that inspire him and what he’s planning to create in the near future.