Donald Trump sets a high standard for himself in wild rants. Yet, Trump managed to surpass himself in his speech to Turning Point Action Arizona this weekend

“The county has refused to produce the routers for some reason. Sonny, Wendy, we want the routers. Please, get them. The routers. Kelly, let’s get those routers. Those routers. What do you know? We are so far beyond routers that there are so many fraudulent votes even without routers. However, if they have those routers, it will be obvious that they aren’t willing to give them up. They won’t give them up. They fight like hell. These commissioners are fighting to keep the routers from being granted. 

Yup. Literally, unhinged. He says “routers” eleven times in his rant.

You might ask what he is talking about.

As part of an ongoing audit of the votes in Maricopa County (Arizona), Trump-aligned forces attempted to subpoena network routers used county’s election division.

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Why routers? The state Senate Republicans who are leading the audit, as well as the questionable company they have hired to conduct said audit, want to know if the Maricopa County voting machine were connected to the Internet on Election Day. Why? It was because of a conspiracy theory that the votes were electronically transferred from Trump and Biden. (This is all part of a broader conspiracy theory that Italian satellites were used to change votes. And no, I am not kidding.