The Weeknd is the most popular artist on Spotify, displacing Justin Bieber in the top spot. The Canadian singer’s debut album, Dawn FM, was released in early January, garnering an impressive 85 667 564 monthly listeners. He’s the first artist to surpass 90 million Spotify subscribers. His tracks are perfect for the bedroom, ranging from the ultra-popular Take My Breath to the critically acclaimed After Hours.

The Weeknd has surpassed Justin Bieber in terms of number of monthly Spotify listeners. His song “Blinding Lights” has reached over 1.6 billion streams. While his recent record “Sweet Sixteen” did not receive any nominations, it is still one of the most popular songs on Spotify. Regardless of what genre his music falls into, The Weekendnd is the most popular artist on the platform.

According to Spotify, Justin Bieber are the most popular artists on the service. Their albums have accumulated over 833 million monthly streams. The Weeknd is the most popular artist on Spotify in the world. He’s now the most popular artist on Spotify. It’s easy to see why the rapper is so popular: he released his new album just five months ago.

The Weeknd’s recent music video “Blinding Lights” has over 500 million views. This new record is great for the rising star and his fans. He deserves to be successful. The blinding lights challenge is one of the most popular music videos of all time. It’s hard to believe, but the weeknd is the most listened-to artist in Spotify. The weeknd’s latest single “Dreams” stands at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The Weeknd has overtaken Justin Bieber as the most listened-to artist on Spotify. This month, The Weeknd has overtaken the rap superstar by a huge margin. Last month, J Bieber broke the streaming record and became the first artist to hit 90 million monthly listeners. The rap star has had more than 500 million views on his music videos.

The Weeknd’s new album, “Blinding Lights,” has hit the top spot with 84 million streams. Its song has become the most streamed single ever on Spotify, surpassing Adele and Drake’s “Mama” album. Its release dates were announced on May 14, a week before the album’s release. The music video’s success was a result of the artist’s relentless drive to spread his message.

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While there are several artists with over 90 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Justin Bieber had the highest monthly listener total. However, his record-setting album has attracted attention for two years. The Weeknd’s Dawn FM has over 85 million monthly listeners, making him the most popular artist on Spotify. The Weeknd has also recently become the most-listened-to artist on Spotify, overtaking Justin Bieber.

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