The Risky Stocks That Are Ripping Higher on the Nasdaq Recovery

Wall Street is trying to recover from the recent brutal sales cycle, and a couple of these risky stocks are leading the initial explosion higher. In this article, we look at GameStop, AMC, and other technology-driven stocks that could lead to a second upward wave. Read on to learn more about these stocks. Here’s what you should look for when investing in these risky stocks.


Investing in risky stocks is a good way to make money, but the GameStop situation is a little bit unique. While the company’s market cap is $24 billion, its shares have fallen to the tens of billions on Thursday. This could be a sign that investors have grown bored with risky stocks and have pulled out.


In an exclusive video, CEO Adam Aron talks about his company’s reopening on CNBC. He also speaks about the “Reddit phenomenon” and shares his thoughts on the stock’s future. Aron says that the company’s 500 million shares will no longer be diluted by a proposed merger with a rival. AMC stock has a high short interest, but he’s trying to spread positive sentiment by putting it on his YouTube channel.

GameStop stock price

As the market tries to digest the GameStop stock price rip-off, investors are wondering if they should buy. Its market cap is $24 billion, and despite that, the shares slid into the teens on Thursday. That might suggest investors are tired of gaming and risk-averse, which might explain why GameStop is rip-offing like crazy.

Investing in semiconductor stocks vs emerging sectors

There are some risks to investing in semiconductors. Because semiconductors are used in many different types of devices, they do not always follow trends in technology. For example, semiconductor stocks may have strong short-term returns, but weaker ones over the long term. But you can diversify your portfolio by choosing stocks that are diversified in nature, such as computer chipmakers. If you’re patient, you may even be able to profit from the volatility of semiconductor investing.

AMC stock price

AMC stock has been ripping higher over the past few days, and investors are shifting back to the more positive sectors. This could be the start of a major move for the company. The company has the cash to invest and is generating more revenue streams, but a short thesis on the company’s debt situation is laughable. The financial system is based on debt, after all.

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