The important" ambush" cached in the iPhone 13-How a screen alteration can lock it ever

Still, a Daily Reuters composition comes as a” headache” to the possessors of this device, as it seems to them an unwelcome surprise.
With data from iFixit, Daily Reuters emphasizes that every iPhone 13 includes a” trap” in terms of screen form.”

The big "trap" hidden in the iPhone 13 - How a screen change can lock it forever
This trap will bring you time and plutocrat,” he said. According to the same post, Apple has added a microchip, called Tic Tac, to the reverse of the screen. This chip is a microcontroller that basically dyads with a new examiner when it’s replaced. This requires the Apple Installation Toolkit 2 (AST2), an exclusive service that requires Apple concurrence and instrument.

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What if the screen doesn’t match the iPhone 13 microcontroller? The Face ID, the iPhone’s main form of security will be impaired and the holders will admit the communication”The Face ID isn’t allowed on this iPhone». According to technology websites, this is another way for Apple to ensure that possessors of its bias only turn to it for repairs and spare corridors. The commodity that will obviously bring the druggies of the bias much more …