This is the complete list of 16 Covid variants found in England.

It has been more than two months since “Freedom Day” and coronavirus cases are still increasing in the United Kingdom.

The majority of Covid-19 restrictions were lifted on July 19. This allowed UK citizens to have a wide range of new freedoms, which was not possible since March 2020.

The first nightclubs to reopen in 16 months have been reopened. No face covers are required.

Drive-by shooting victims are said to be refusing to cooperate.

Mirror reports that cases have increased due to newfound independence.

The limitations caused numbers to decline, but they have since rebounded.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the death toll in the United Kingdom has risen by 191 people and cases have risen 15%.

The announcement of 38,975 additional cases was also made, one day after the numbers showed that the death toll had more than doubled in a single week.

New coronavirus strains have emerged, raising questions about the effectiveness of current vaccines to combat them.

Variants are being investigated and tracked as individuals test positive. Numbers are published on government’s website that show the number of new cases since the last update and the total number of cases.

This is the complete list and number of reported instances of Covid variants of concern.

This variant was first discovered and sequenced in the UK in September 2020.

To date, 277 588 people in the UK have contracted Alpha strain. 226,855 cases of the entire population are located in England. It has spread to more than 50 countries so far.

The N501Y mutation can be seen in the Alpha strain. This may make it easier to spread the virus.

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According to data as of August 25, there have been 1,093 instances so far of the Beta type in Britain.

England has 979 cases; Northern Ireland has 9, Scotland has 2, and Wales has 3.

Although the Beta variety was first discovered in South Africa, it has been confirmed in at least 20 countries. Beta, like the Alpha variety has the N501Y mutation which makes it easier to spread the virus.