Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight included a subtle reference to a cartoon character though it was not related to Batman and DC Comics.

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight features an ingenuous reference to a film that’s not DC’s superhero. At the time that the Dark Knight was made in 2008, the film was an international phenomenon. The film’s success at the box office and wide critical and audience appreciation also made it a turning point in the evolution of superhero films to the type of film they are in the present.

The film The Dark Knight, Batman (Christian Bale) continues to fight Gotham’s criminal underworld even after Batman Begins. The mob’s desperate leaders of Gotham to unite to guard their wealth. But, a brand new criminal dubbed The Joker (Heath Ledger) is on the scene to suggest removing Batman.

The Joker has a particularly tense relationship with the mob chief Gambol (Michael Jai White), the Joker had robbed the mob’s top bosses and repeatedly making jabs at Gambol during the meeting. At some point, Gambol can’t hold back his fury anymore, shouting ” Enough from the clown!” and getting up to confront the Joker. Although the Joker’s suit full of grenades stops him from its tracks. The phrase in itself can be a clue from Michael Jai White’s first superhero film which was released in the 1997 film Spawn. In particular the line is a reference to his Clown character within the story.

A reimagining of Todd McFarlane’s popular comic Spawn saw White portray the role of the government killer Al Simmons. After being killed by his superiors and then sent into hell Simmons transforms into an army soldier who has supernatural abilities, and is destined to lead the army of hell. The dark Clown (John Leguizamo) is Simmons his intended guide for helping him to master his powers, but he becomes his adversary when Simmons refuses to take on the task of leading hell’s army.

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Spawn was a moderately successful film in 1997, however it left many people who watched it disappointed. This is Michael Jai White himself who has expressed his displeasure in Spawn throughout the years that followed. However the performance that were given by White as well as Leguizamo acting as Spawn and Clown were widely applauded. The makeup on Spawn was also praised as an outstanding element as was the burnt appearance and the smacked face of Al Simmons and Leguizamo’s heavy Clown makeup and suit.

White has since become an established star in action films, using his expertise as a martial arts artist in films like The Undisputed 2, Last Man StandingBlood and Bone as well as Triple Threat. White has also appeared in other superhero movies, like his character on the CW series Arrow. Bronze Tiger in the CW series Arrow. Despite the negative reviews for the film Spawn as a film White’s performance in the film is still a favorite. White’s Gambol was a brief but memorable character, the criminal ending his life following one of the Joker’s two tales about his facial injuries. The Dark Knight remains one of the most popular superhero films ever made and is also an Easter egg that’s fun to look at. that features an unassuming nod at White’s early days in the cape-laden film genre which was The Spawn.

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