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Upgrading your engine is a big step when you’re building out a custom upgrade path to unlock the ride of your dreams, but it is a necessary one for many drivers. Your average commuter car can gain a lot of benefits from upgrades that stop short of the engine, but vehicles destined for the track, off-roading, or endurance driving events all benefit from engine upgrades.

Of course, commuter vehicles do need a new engine once in a while to stay on the road. Mechanical failures that compromise the cylinders can make it easier to swap an engine than to repair it. Whether your engine upgrade is voluntary or necessary, the easiest way to get it done is with an engine swap-in-a-box.

Engine Swap Kit Contents

Boxed engine change kits come with everything you need to get the job done except the basic tools most DIY enthusiasts have in the shop. You can also order them and leave the installation to professional technicians. Either way, the parts are all there.

  • Engine swap headers with head gaskets and mounting materials
  • Oil pan with gaskets and oil pickup
  • Engine swap frame mounts and hardware

This lets you refresh your vehicle’s engine performance quickly by replacing the original or by upgrading it to a compatible aftermarket engine build. From there, additional upgrades start with a fresh slate, allowing you to get more from every change you make.

Additional Upgrades for Engine Power

If you are looking to unlock the full potential of a new engine, you’ll want to upgrade the additional systems that help feed it fuel and air, as well as the exhaust. Adding something like a new self-tuning kit with a performance fuel injector upgrade is a great way to make sure you’re getting the most from that engine, and you will find a Holly Sniper for sale at most of the same retailers that offer the single box engine swap kits you’ll need for your engine upgrade.

Of course, the Holly Sniper upgrade is not your only option. You can also find parts like the Edelbrock VRS-4150 carburetor for sale in the same venues, which means you can build out your ideal upgrade path, whether it’s precision performance on the track or off-road toughness in the wild.

In addition to optimizing the fuel to air ratio, you will want to consider expanding the size of your air intake to provide the engine with new oxygen faster. Combine that with a premium exhaust package designed to carry fumes away as quickly as possible to make sure you have every step covered from fuel to combustion and back. That is the secret to unleashing the full potential of an engine whether it’s a new one or the stock model.

Additional Upgrades for Performance and Handling

Your engine power is not the only important part of your vehicle’s upgrade path. Additional power means you need additional precision so you can handle that power well. Upgraded brakes and suspension can help you adjust the handling to suit the new power profile, allowing you to really make the most of your vehicle. Keep that in mind as you shop for your next round of parts.