Opera was my default web browser on Linux until I decided to quit a few months back. It was hard to sell Opera Workspaces because it was something I couldn’t leave behind. The load that Opera’s web browser put on my computer, especially when I was using Google Docs, was too much to ignore. I would be going along and doing my own thing when suddenly the Opera browser would stop me from moving forward.

Why Safari is no longer the default browser for macOS

I had two web browsers that I used as my default browsers on Linux and macOS. Safari was the preferred browser for the Mac. Then I started using the default Linux web browser and was more impressed by its simplicity and performance every day. Then, Safari took a bad turn. Safari would warn you if you tried to open a long document in Google Docs. Safari would continue to behave the same regardless of what I tried.

Finally, I quit Apple Safari to make the web browser that I used on Linux my default macOS web browser. This was a decision I didn’t regret a second.

It is difficult to choose the right browser for your workflow.

This is a complex issue. What is the problem? The browser is the most widely used tool. No matter what platform you use, the browser is essential. A web browser is responsible for 90% of all the entertainment and work you do on any computer connected to the Internet. This means that ubiquitous applications must pull a huge load. They all do this fairly well, for the most part. Each web browser I have used renders websites well, although some are better than others. What’s the problem? What’s the problem? Why should anyone have to choose the best web browser for them or migrate to another browser?

Firefox is the winner of the Best Browser Award in 2021

I haven’t had any memory problems since switching to Firefox on Linux or macOS. Firefox on macOS is not a battery vampire, which surprised me. Firefox was draining my MacBook Pro 2016’s battery before I got my M1 MacBook Pro. Firefox gave me two to three hours of battery time. Battery life with Firefox 89 and the M1 MacBook Pro is as good as Safari.

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Mozilla’s Firefox interface is amazing. I love it for its performance, rendering, and battery life. Firefox is now a minimalist, sleek web browser that performs better than any browser on my laptop and desktop. Firefox is just as good on a mobile device as my Android default browser.

My master plan has one problem: as I said earlier, there are still sites that don’t work well with other browsers than Google Chrome. This is quite dumbfounding. It is a dumbfounding thought. Every time a website fails to work in a certain browser, I assume Doc Brown has hopped in his DeLorean and set his sights on 2001. This is not the early 2000s or the browser wars of the past. Even so, it seems like the time is right for a major clash between Chrome and Firefox.