During the film’s first trailer, DC Comics teased The Riddler’s backstory and connection to Bruce Wayne. The actor Paul Dano plays the rogue crime syndicate leader. But what was his real backstory? Read on to discover more. This article will also reveal the Riddler’s backstory. It’s a great way to prepare for the upcoming Batman movie.

In the film, Riddler makes his debut as a crime-fighter. Despite a rocky start, he becomes acquainted with Catwoman and Bane. The movie director Amanda Waller discovers his secret identity, and the Riddler forms a gang of criminals, which includes the Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and John Doe. The gang plans to kill SANCTUS agents, but he is reluctant to discuss the details.

Before the Bat: An Original Movie Novel by Matt Reeves dives into the early life of Bruce Wayne. It reveals new details about Riddler’s inspiration, which comes from the life of a serial killer. The Batman Villain Riddler’s backstory is a complex one, which is why the book is so important.

The Riddler has an incredibly complicated backstory. He first appeared in Detective Comics #822 and went into a coma after being attacked by the Shining Knight. In the comic, Riddler is finally cured of his mental disorder and obsession with riddles, but he retains his mammoth ego and genius intellect. He now works as a private consultant for a private crime organization. He eventually proves that Bruce Wayne was a fraud and he and Batman work together on cases.

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The Riddler was an infamous rogue in Gotham City. He was stripped of his deductive powers and left to rot as part of the city’s homeless population. However, he recovered his mind with the help of an ex-NSA codebreaker, allowing him to use his skills and knowledge to steal Bruce Wayne’s identity. During his stay, he was able to recall his past and learn more about his life.

The Riddler’s background is quite complicated. The actor Paul Dano plays the role of the Riddler in the Batman movies, and his origins have been unknown to the general public. As a result, his origins are a mystery. If Riddler has no previous ties to Batman, it’s unlikely that he would have anything to do with the hero of Gotham.

The Riddler has a complex history. He has murdered several innocents, but has never been caught. In the second episode of the movie, the Riddler was arrested as he was trying to rob a Gotham millionaire. He escaped with a black pearl. Nigma had lawfully purchased it with his own money. Then, he was seized by Batman and arrested.

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