After taking in an estimated $36.8 million over the weekend, “The Batman” is still swinging from the rooftops. This film continues to do well in international markets. The title role, played by Robert Pattinson, has now grossed more than $300 million domestically and more than $598 million worldwide. The weekend’s second-placed film was the Japanese animation film “Jujutsu Kaisen 0.” It’s the story of a young sorcerer who has to battle a cursed spirit.

The Batman continued swinging from the rooftops in its third weekend with a $36.7 million total. It took The Dark Knight Rises one week to surpass this total, and it remained in the lead for the entire month. The movie crossed the $300 million mark in just three weeks and is now close to double its domestic tally. It is currently on track to pass $500-million domestically, and it’s just shy of the $600-million milestone.

The Batman continued swinging from the rooftops in its third weekend, earning $36.6 million domestically and $51 million internationally. It’s the first superhero film to cross the $300 million mark since Wonder Woman 1984. Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves have been able to capitalize on this trend, and the film is on its way to making the superhero genre even more popular. The movie is the first superhero movie to break that milestone in China, and it’s set to make history this year.

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The movie’s third weekend grosses have surpassed last summer’s record-breaking The Green Knight, which soared to a $6.79 million debut in 2,790 theaters. Although X has suffered from a lagging third weekend, it is still the sixth highest debut in A24’s history. However, the horror film industry hasn’t seen this kind of success in years.

Rupert Thorne and his friend Silver St. Cloud continue driving across the state in rainy and dark conditions. As they drive through the city, they pick up a hitchhiker. The Batman and Silver know that the Joker will be targeting another city bureaucrat, so he disguises himself as Thomas Jackson to protect him. The two become partners in crime. So the Batman and Silver St. Cloud’s first meeting is a memorable one.

The Batman’s fourth-place performance this weekend is a testament to its success in the market. When it comes to re-releases, it is the eighth highest film of all time domestically. Its success is not surprising, as the Batman has a long history of being one of the most beloved films of all time. It’s no wonder that it has remained in the top ten for so long.

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