The Astronomers Want You To Live Every Day “Like the Holidays”

Alt-pop duo The Astronomers are back with another dance-inducing, good vibes, injecting, summery single with the release of “Like the Holidays.” A beautifully produced track, the Astronomers just keep the wave of hits flowing. “Like the Holidays” is a fun party event in digital form. The lyrical laydown is fast and slow all the same time, and it’s guaranteed to elevate the mood. The audible gifts in the mix of the small details of how the vocals lay in the mix of the so well delivered vocals. The supporting track is so “throw your drink” in the air on the beach. I expect to see this song at the next MTV award ceremony with a grand piano rolled out and then when they say, “how do you know what I’m thinking”, the answer will be this is a summer hit for sure!

The duo, Ben Baker and Michael Stensland, are friends from Fond du Lac.  Michael explains, “‘Like the Holidays’ is about living every day with the imagination that it is a holiday. Ben and I always would get so excited for holidays such as Christmas, 4th of July, etc… because it was always something to look forward to. This song will take you through a journey of little problems that are not meant to be worried about but otherwise to let happen. Enjoy the time you have and live every day like the holidays. The goal of the production was for it to sound like a celebration, so it matched the hook ‘live every day like the holidays.’ The swung feel of the song and the carefree lyrics make this song a summer hit.”

The Astronomers Want You To Live Every Day “Like the Holidays” Song

The Astronomers challenge the alt-pop space with their synthesis of unconventional elements in each track. With their music on radio heavy rotation, and selling out 500-capacity venues, I expect they will be a household name very soon.

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