Texas Tech Settles Suit Over Firing of Women's Basketball Coach

Texas Tech Settles Suit Over Firing of Womens Basketball Coach

Marlene Stollings is the former head coach of the women’s basketball team at Texas Tech University, which is located in Lubbock, Texas. She served as the head coach for the women’s basketball team from April 2018 to August 2020. Kirby Hocutt, the university’s athletic director, is responsible for hiring and supervising all collegiate sports at Texas Tech.

Marlene Stollings sued

Marlene Stollings, a former Texas Tech women’s basketball coach, has filed a lawsuit against the school, the university’s athletic director, and coach Bill Hocutt. She alleges several civil and constitutional rights violations. The lawsuit was dismissed, primarily due to the university’s sovereign immunity. However, Stollings is not yet finished fighting for her rights.

In her lawsuit, Stollings claims Hocutt defamed her in a news conference and a statement that she had let down the Lady Raiders by failing to provide adequate coaching and a supportive environment. But Hocutt knew that these statements hurt Stollings’ reputation and undermined her integrity and character, and the accusations contradicted internal reviews and the testimony of most Lady Raider athletes.

Alleges retaliation

Former assistant men’s basketball coach Ralph Petrella resigned after accusations of sexual harassment and threats were filed against him. Petrella denied the allegations. Former Texas Tech women’s basketball coach Lisa Stollings has been named the new head coach. She arrived at the school in 2018 to turn around the program. Twelve of the 21 players on the women’s basketball team have left since then, but former teammates Sydney Goodson and Nailah Dillard have expressed support for the new coach.

After being fired in August 2020, former Texas Tech women’s basketball head coach Marlene Stollings filed a federal lawsuit claiming retaliation, discrimination, and breach of contract. The lawsuit alleged sex discrimination, breach of contract, and fraudulent inducement in the termination process. The suit cites exit interviews with former players, former staff, and players’ parents.

Claims defamation

A Texas Tech woman who was fired from her position as women’s basketball coach has filed a lawsuit against the university, claiming that her firing was based on defamation and mistreatment. The suit, filed by Stollings, claims that Texas Tech administrators and players misrepresented her reputation and fired her for instituting the same training procedures as male coaches. A recent article in USA Today details the allegations, and the suit was settled out of court.

Marlene Stollings, a former head women’s basketball coach at Texas Tech, filed the lawsuit after she was fired on August 8, 2020, following an investigation by USA TODAY Sports. Stollings accused the university of discrimination and retaliation, and also said the athletics director, Kirby Hocutt, had fired her for failing to meet certain performance standards. She also claimed that the athletics department had conducted two internal reviews that cleared her. The university had scheduled a hearing for February 2023, but the two sides agreed to settle in October. After the judge approved the settlement, Stollings was able to return to her job, which was a victory for her fans.

Alleges sex discrimination

Marlene Stollings, the womens basketball coach at Texas Tech, filed a lawsuit in September after being fired from her position on Aug. 6. A recent article in USA Today exposed a culture of sexual abuse within the Lady Raiders’ program. The lawsuit Stollings filed claimed sex discrimination, fraud, and breach of contract. While she did not name the defendants, it is likely that she was fired because of her gender.

The Texas Tech athletic department did not comment on the lawsuit. But it did confirm that the school’s athletic department fired Stollings because of allegations of sexual harassment. Hocutt and other administrators made derogatory remarks about women, including describing women as emotional and untrustworthy. The athletic department also reprimanded Stollings for implementing the same training procedures for women as the men’s team. After the report came out, Hocutt informed Stollings that she was being fired.