Emma Thompson has plenty to look forward to in 2022, which means that she will be focusing on staying well-balanced and wearing more red lipstick. She recently appeared in the Rodarte fall 2018 lookbook and hopes to continue working with the fashion house. While the actress is always busy, she has found time to take care of herself and keep herself looking and feeling her best. Here, she shares her beauty and wellness goals for the year ahead.

After breaking through in 2009 with her role in Westworld, Tessa Thompson has become an icon in Hollywood. Since then, she’s gone on to play robotic hostesses in TV shows and movies, from the dystopian world of Westworld to the glamor of Men in Black: International. And in between, she’s also worn many bold beauty looks, including a waist-grazing box braid and a matte magenta lip.

One of the most interesting things about Thompson’s beauty routine is that she switches up her hairstyle quite a bit. She works with celebrity makeup artist Liz Oliver and uses a bow to jazz up standard styles. Whether you’re aiming for a more polished look or something more fun and playful, tying a bow to your hair can add a fun twist to your basic look.

This summer, try orange! The color should be super-shiny and have a semi-matte finish. You should also wear a lot of brows and liquid eyeliner. A good lip color is key in the summer of 2022, so keep that in mind when you decide to wear red lipstick. The hottest lipstick shade in the summer will be a deep purple with gold shimmer.

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In addition to staying balanced, Thompson is committed to being authentic and daring. She balances blockbuster appearances with bold independent work. The actress has a healthy and balanced body and is confident enough to be herself. She’s always wearing a red lippie and wearing a pair of voluminous lashes. In a recent interview, she discussed her newfound confidence and the importance of keeping a balance in her life.

The actress talks about her new Netflix film, “Stillwater,” which won several awards in the past year. She opens up about being a father for the first time and her new baby. In addition to being an inspiration, she also wants to spread the word about her new movie, “Baby Steps.” She’s thrilled that the film is being made for her.