Tennessee State Gets $1.9M Agriculture Grant From USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is proud to announce that Tennessee State University has been awarded a $1.9M grant for agricultural research. This grant will support the development of agricultural technologies to reduce the cost of animal feed. To receive the grant, TSU will collaborate with other Alabama A&M Colleges, Southern University, and Florida A&M Colleges. The grant will run for three to five years.

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The USDA recently awarded Tennessee State University (TSU) a $1.9 million agriculture grant. The grant will support a series of agricultural research projects that will benefit both Tennessee and other rural states. The funding will help TSU collaborate with other universities, including Alabama A&M College, Southern University, Florida A&M University, and Langston University, to develop new crops and technologies. These projects will last for three to five years, depending on the grant period.

The USDA is making investments in agriculture to strengthen the global marketplace for U.S. agricultural products. The USDA has announced new appointments to the National Mango Board, as well as $11 million in grants to strengthen markets for U.S. agricultural products. The agency also settles a case brought against North Platte Stockyards Inc. and its CEO, Marty L. Couch. It will review certain acreage earlier for corn and soybeans, as well as split-apply nitrogen.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded a Volunteer Energy Cooperative with $1.9 million in funding for agricultural research. The funding is used to reduce biotic and abiotic stresses on agriculture crops and improve alfalfa forage harvesting and storage systems to maximize economic returns for producers. This project is a key component of the USDA’s Agriculture Innovation Challenge. To learn more about this new funding opportunity, read the news release.

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In this episode of “Farms in the Front Range,” the USDA announces a series of grants to strengthen the markets for agricultural products in the U.S. The grants support research, education, and extension efforts to enhance agricultural markets, while also providing direct financial assistance to small farms. In this episode, we explore the grants awarded to Victoria Livestock & Poultry Market LLC, the first recipient of the grant.

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A new federal agency is investing in agri-business development in Tennessee State, and the grant is expected to boost production of fruits and vegetables. The USDA has provided nearly $1.9 million in grant funds since 2009 to support agricultural research and development. Tennessee has also become a leader in the production of honey, which is valued at more than $3 billion a year. It is also working to strengthen the market for Tennessee’s other agricultural products, including poultry and beef.

In order to take advantage of the grant, TSU will partner with Alabama A&M University, Florida A&M University, and Langston University. The grant funding will run for three to five years. WKRN News 2 will keep this article updated with new information. In addition, the grant will allow the university to conduct research on animal husbandry and the production of other crops. While the work will take place in Tennessee, other agricultural research institutions across the country are also interested in the project.