Teen Lifeguard slaps after group asked to stop smoking and drinking at Worcester Pond

BOSTON (CBS), Worcester Police report that a 17-year old lifeguard was attacked while working at Bell Pond. The attack occurred after a group asked to quit smoking and drinking in the park.

It took place around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday night.

According to police, it started with a group of young men who were told by the park’s staff to quit smoking and stop drinking. They were then asked to leave.

While several of the men left without incident, Celestine Bigirimana, 22 years old, was described as verbally aggressive and threatening.

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Investigators claim that he fled but returned with a small group to attack the lifeguard. The lifeguard was stabbed with a stick and struck with a stick during the attack.

Bigirimana now faces multiple charges, including assault and battery using a dangerous weapon. Mohamed Abduhhalhi (19 years old) was also arrested along with Melquan Jeffers (23 years old) and a juvenile (17 years).

The lifeguard was taken to the hospital. His injuries were not revealed.