Surfside and Covid-19, Afghanistan, The Pope, Golf Shooting

1. Collapse of Condos

Last night, the Champlain Towers South condo in Surfside, Florida was demolished. After the demolition, search and rescue efforts were stopped. However, they will resume when the area is safe. 24 dead and 121 missings, at least.

2. Coronavirus

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, approximately 50% of Americans are vaccinated against Covid-19. However, pockets of the country that are not vaccinated against Covid-19 remain extremely vulnerable — and this holiday weekend could make matters worse. There are already signs of a surge in cases in the Southwest, South, and Midwest. Florida is home to approximately 17% of all US new cases. In June, more than 99% of US Covid-19-related deaths were in unvaccinated individuals.

3. Afghanistan

Army General Austin Scott Miller, the highest-ranking US military official responsible for the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, says that there should be concern over new Taliban advances. As the withdrawal nears its end, questions continue to be raised about troop withdrawal and Afghanistan’s security situation. After US troops leave, the Biden administration has not yet finalized its strategy for pursuing terrorists.

4. 4. Pope Francis

Pope Francis is currently recovering from yesterday’s surgery to treat colon diverticulitis. According to the Vatican, the 84-year old pontiff “reacted well to the scheduled procedure.” Colon diverticulitis, which affects more than half of Americans, is more common with age.

5. Golfer shooting

The man who shot and killed Gene Siller, a pro golfer at Kennesaw’s country club, is being sought by police. According to witnesses, Siller approached the truck that was driving onto the golf course. The driver shot him. The suspect fled the scene. Two other bodies were found by police in the truck’s bed, which was still on the green.

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