On Saturday, the sounds of song will ring out from Central Park. Thousands are expected to attend a star-laden concert meant to celebrate New York City’s recovery from coronavirus.

Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and Jennifer Hudson are some of the performers at the “Homecoming Concert.”

The Saturday event follows a series hip-hop concerts held in outdoor venues throughout the city over the past week.

Despite its joyous intentions, the concert takes place at a time when there are concerns about the contagious delta variant COVID-19.

According to state statistics, New York City has seen an average of just under 2000 new COVID-19 cases per day over the past week. This is an increase of just 200 cases per day as late June saw. Only 54% of city residents have been fully vaccinated.

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All concert-goers, of which the majority were given for free, will need to show proof that they have been immunized. The broadcast of the show will also take place.

Other performers include Wyclef Jean and Barry Manilow. Cynthia Erivo, Wyclef Jean and Elvis Costello are also expected to perform.